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More nonsensical annoying or infuriating commercials
Quote:I just got done watching an add for an amazing "tracker", which opened with a robotic voice saying "This tracker is amazing" while showing someone insert this "tracker" into someone's back pocket.  What in the ever living hell is going on?!  I'm pretty sure that's part of some rapist's tool kit.  What kind of person sees an ad like that and says "yes, I want to be a spy even though I live in the suburbs and have NO legitimate use for this thing in any form"?

Ahhhh! This reminds me of those old internet ads that shows a tiny, 1-inch camera that you can "PUT ANYWHERE! No one will see it!" D: Thanks, Norman Bates.

I've been getting really frustrated by youtube showing me 2 ads for virtual every video I want to watch. It didn't used to be this bad. At least one of them will be 15 seconds long and unskippable. I wish we had an alternative... I've tried searching for videos on Dailymotion, vimeo, etc but they've got practically nothing. I'd just as soon go without.

As far as annoying ads... I haven't seen it recently, but I kept getting this god damn liberty mutual ad that blared loud, triumphant music, and showed a close-up of a woman with bugged-out eyes, a deliriously happy, open-mouthed grin on her face, raising her fists into the air. That's it. What on earth? They're not even telling me anything, just LOOK HOW HAPPY YOU'LL BE, LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC, LOOK AT THIS PERSON WHO'S SO THRILLED THAT THEY'RE BORDERING ON INSANITY! LIBERTY MUTUAAAALLL!!! THE THIRST MUTILATOR!

Then I get peeved by the Grammarly ads that tell me they can write my e-mails for me and make them sound more professional. No thanks. You won't take away my voice! I take pride in writing, so I get a little disturbed by the idea of an AI doing it better than me. Bullshit. If everyone else is using it, at least my e-mails will stand out, and won't sound sterile.

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