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  Reflections on the Decline of the West by Darunia S. Goron
Posted by: Darunia - 8th January 2021, 11:19 PM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (4)

Brothers! Reflect with me upon the decline of the West. 

I make the following observations as an objective observer of the current state of the United States in the world, without trying to project favor towards the right or the left. I never voted for Trump, and feel he should be impeached. However, I  am quite unenthused about the other party.

I feel that...

1. Democracy only does well in largely homogeneous societies, where there is a unifying spirit amongst the people who comprise it. In an increasingly diverse and opinionated society, in the age of the internet, American democracy is unraveling and becoming a chaotic relic of the past. Democracy is by design a way for the people of a society to control  their own destiny. It evolved out of homogeneous societies, and thrived in such societies. In a country consisting of two or more diverse, opposed societies, they will always either a. be in conflict, b. come into where one dominates the other and the other is submissive or destroyed, c. destroy one another mutually, or d. split into separate and sovereign self-governing bodies. Examples include the US Civil War (two societies vying for control of the US), the French Revolution (two societies vying for control of France), Russia, England, Spain, and so on and so forth. In every such example, the clash of societies. To reiterate, two separate societies which have coalesced their own unique sense of identity cannot peacefully co-exist for long in a single greater society.

2. The United States is devolving into two separate societies, which are clashing for control of the future of the country. There are two different, opposed camps vying for control of the legacy and banner of United States in a zero sum game. These are:

                Society A: The far right, consisting of the core of the old American White society, which established and then dominated the United States as a nation from 1776 to January 2021. It has been a White English-speaking Christian society. It tends to be religions, uneducated and militaristic. It tends to extol more traditional masculine values. This is why the GOP really is the party of “old white men,” because it is them defending this retreating society. This old society was in many ways represented by the spirited, brash actions we saw unfurl at the Capitol on 1/6/21. These are, in many cases, White people who want the world they remember as kids; the same world that their grandparents knew. There is nothing innately wrong about this, they are simply acting in their perceived best interest, as do all societies. 

                Society B: The left society consists of most American ethnic minorities united against the power of the old White society, although there are certainly a sizeable number of sympathizing Whites, especially women. This society is trying to realize a much more diverse society—this naturally detracts from the power of the hitherto primary White society. This is the source of the conflict we see in 2021. This left-leaning society is represented by the Democratic party, which will be dominate for the foreseeable future after the insurrection of 2021. 

3. Trump’s presidency has been the swan song of the old White society, or Society A, which is now no longer the undisputed possessor of government. Society B is now dominant, and shall remain so as the old White society continues to decline in population percentage, representation in congress and societal prestige. It will in time become a minority.

4. American influence and prestige may never again fully recover or be what it was in the 20th century.

5. Society A and Society B will probably come into further conflict in the future, as they clash for control of the government, until they divorce nationally, or one dominates and suppresses the other.

6. The West in general is highly decadent, and is not on a sustainable footpath. Western society no longer appreciates masculinity, but rather is trying to re-imagine it in a less masculine way.

7. The more homogeneous a society is, the more stable it tends to be, because one body of people with a clear and obvious commonality between them (i.e. predominantly race, or religion) will naturally seek a herd mentality and a strong identity and sense of association with their 'herd'. It is a base human instinct to herd with similar people. All societies are created out of this instinct.

8. The US government is bloated and inefficient.

9. The US federal deficit will catch up to us in the 21st century.

10. Human society as we know it itself will not endure more than a few more centuries.

​11. We may well see secession efforts in the years and decades again.

12. The Democratic and Republican parties used to both be internal political organs within Society A in the 20th century. In 2021, they each represent a separate society, trapped together in an unraveling democracy. 

13. The Democratic left truly is heading towards socialism. Depending on your perspective, you might say that this is a natural and good evolution for our country. Another perspective is that this is just what happens when democracies become too free and decadent and and destroy themselves. Socialist societies, in turn, tend to curb freedoms in order to survive.

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  The PS5
Posted by: Dark Jaguar - 30th December 2020, 12:45 PM - Forum: Tendo City - Replies (4)

I have one now.  Here's my first impressions.  First of all, a bunch of quality of life improvements in the OS that frankly should be back ported to the PS4.  You can actually see install progress from the disc now.  There's more options for the share button, including disabling instantly taking a picture when it's hit.  It does NOT yet support making folders.  I have no idea why it always takes so long to implement this feature every single generation, but here's hoping that one is coming soon.  It's a must on my PS4.

Backwards compatibility is very nearly perfect.  It's not emulation, it's just running fully compatible hardware and the games use an OS and driver layer to communicate on the PS4 so translating what little needs to be translated is straight forward enough.  The older games reach whatever framerate cap they've been programmed with and stick to it.  Bloodborne absolutely needs a patch to raise it's FPS cap from 30 to 60 or even 120 though.  Fans managed it on emulation, though it does require recoding a lot of gameplay elements that were foolishly tied to the frame rate instead of real time or the game plays way too fast and things don't sync up right.  To this day I still don't get how developers keep doing that.  They have got to realize that it's just plain bad design by now.  Kingdom Hearts in particular has suffered in it's future ports requiring numerous patches to resolve various elements that were tied to frame rate and had to be tied to real time instead.  Here's hoping an industry wide shift is occuring to make that kind of design a thing of the past forever.  (Admittedly that flawed design goes back a long ways, to Star Fox.  If you overclock that game it plays far faster cinematics and all, and it would need a far more involved fan patch to make all the cinematics and the general gameplay "lock" to a certain speed while still running at a smooth 60fps.)

The controller is extremely well designed.  It may just be my favorite one yet.  Now, the awkward feel of using that giant middle track pad as "start" and "option" as select is still an issue.  I never liked that "feel".  However, it's not all that bad and I do get the desire to make "share" such a prominant feature.  The HD rumble makes a big return after being put in and then ignored on the Switch.  I wonder if more developers will take advantage of it this time around?  Maybe, maybe not since MS has done absolutely nothing to their own controller's design.

Well, now there's the elephant in the room.  The console's physical design.  It's ugly and it's awkward.  They failed twice.  They put form over function but the form well... I'm sure you've all seen the jokes online already, and it's far worse when you see it in person.  The thing is a lump of misshapen plastic that calls the eyes to it, and that's considering I have it stacked up with all my other consoles going back to the beginning of time.  The thing is just... ridiculous and looks like it was designed in 1999 by Dell, not 2020 by Sony.  No, the "fins" aren't there for cooling.  Relying on plastic to transfer heat is NOT how anyone would ever build something.  It includes a little circular base.  This base is a requirement whether horizontal or vertical.  Remember the horizontal stand for the PS2?  Remember how much everyone joked about that?  Even Sony broke "compatibility" with it in later "fat" PS2 redesigns.  It was utterly pointless.  Well, this time it has a point.  The sides of this thing are curved.  Both of them.  The thing rocks around and jiggles if you don't use the stand to keep it stable.  That said, it's even worse.  The stand barely holds on with two plastic clips.  That's it.  If you use it vertical, it also has a screw to more properly mount it to the base, but if you go horizontal you have no way to screw it in at all.  In other words, if you pull the console out to do something like plug in a cable it pops right off the stand as often as not.  It gets worse.  The stand only barely makes it stable.  It STILL rocks around if you nudge it enough.  It isn't stable in ANY configuration.  Someone would have to 3D print a better solution to this thing.  Further, it doesn't "look" right in either orientation.  It looks like it's just... off no matter what.  Here's how I'd redesign it.  I'd flatten the top and bottom and tuck in those fins so they're even with the inner black curve.  That's it.  Do that and not only will it look a lot better, it'll still be distinct and it'll actually be stable when horizontal without the need for the stand.

Alright, there's one other thing.  I got the one with the optical drive.  I basically had to.  I own too many games for PS4 on disc.  If I was going to play them on this thing and make it my main way to play PS4 games, I had to do that.  Alright, so far so good.  The drive also plays all my media and the OS even supports playing custom soundtracks in games the way the 360 used to.  However, for some reason they still don't have a CD player application.  The laser IS there, I checked the specs.  It CAN read CDs.  It just doesn't have a program to play them.  That's the same oversight the PS4 had.  I don't get it.  It isn't a licensing issue.  CDs don't require licensing to design hardware that plays them.  It's an open standard.  Even if it was, SONY MADE THE STANDARD!

Anyway, that's about it.  It's a nice system, and I like how x86 has become standardized in the console space now so that we can get BC baked in going forward.

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  Pokemon - What just happened.
Posted by: etoven - 5th December 2020, 11:39 PM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (1)

Good god.. What just happened with Pikachu and Ash's mom. This episode of the new pokemon series just went in a bonkers direction.


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  You can now cut and paste a image in a post
Posted by: etoven - 28th November 2020, 7:24 PM - Forum: General Site - No Replies

You can now paste images into a post. The preview will still show the image as a base64 string in the editor but the post preview and final will show the image. I am working on fixing the inline editor for that next.

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  AI Meets CCTV
Posted by: etoven - 24th November 2020, 12:53 PM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (1)

Ow God.. What did I just do.


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  No one:
Posted by: Sacred Jellybean - 24th November 2020, 4:51 AM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (1)

Beanjo: Cybil Bennett is NOT the archetypal prophet of Silent Hill 1's story! Dahlia Gillespie is! She's the one who instructs Harry where to go, and informs him of what's happening in the town. Just like a prophet, her words are vague and foreboding. "Beware the Ides of March" and all that.

The name Cybil means prophet, sure, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. This video is kind of interesting:

But it bugged me batshit to hear the narrator say that Cybil Bennett means Blessed Prophet. Okay but how is she "blessed" exactly? She's a supporting character who's been swept up in the same fan-splattered shit-storm as Harry. She's no more a blessed prophet than he is.

I mean sure, she gives him a gun and tells him to be careful how he uses it. But in contrast to Dahlia, that's simple foreshadowing. Chekhov's gun comes into play in the 3rd act, but that doesn't make Chekhov's gun a prophet!

Post your dumb rants that nobody cares about and come out of nowhere.

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  Learning to sculpt in blender
Posted by: etoven - 18th November 2020, 12:37 AM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (5)

This is my first sculpting attempt. WIP

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  New Features added to the site
Posted by: etoven - 16th November 2020, 3:00 PM - Forum: General Site - Replies (7)

New Profile Fields in the member info section
New User Map Feature
Images now show in a lightbox
Admins can now geolocate IP information by utilizing the link on the user activation page
Support for steam widgets <more on that coming soon>
Bug fixes, updates and tweaks
New Like Button in posts
New Thread Rating System


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  Erich's Big Thread of In Game GTA Pics
Posted by: etoven - 11th November 2020, 12:14 AM - Forum: Tendo City - No Replies


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  Some News: The Movie
Posted by: Dark Jaguar - 3rd November 2020, 1:18 PM - Forum: Ramble City - No Replies

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