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Rainbow Guilty Pleasures
Posted by: Sacred Jellybean - Yesterday, 5:13 PM - Forum: Ramble City - No Replies

Alright, sluts. Time to post your guilty pleasures. It can be songs, movies, books, video games, anime (all of it, all the anime), w/e you wouldn't dare tell a person you know in real life but you just might cough a hint of it to a bunch of pasty nerds that you've somehow known for ~20 years, oh fuck what am I doing with my life

I'll go with songs. Back in the day, we used to post our Winamp playlists to share musical tastes, and/or brag about how many mp3s we'd managed to accumulate. Not so here. Join me in shame and humiliation!

God damn if this song isn't some kind of Beckified wypipo anthem. 'Makes me want to get up and jig. It reminds me a little of Shake it Off or that 80s Oh Mickey song.

SHUT THE FUCK UP, IT'S CATCHY *runs and hides*

I was introduced to this song when trying to find fake nudes of Alison Brie. I stumbled upon a look-alike video that played this song in the background, I guess it was significant to that show she was in, Community??  I couldn't watch the thing (the show), couldn't stand Joel McHale. And but so this song somehow hits me in the feels and makes me think of what high school dances would have been like if I weren't in fact a loser who was staying at home playing N64 and crying along to the theme of Banjo-Kazooie.

Love to hate to love to hate this song. This guy is violating all sorts of man codes by wearing eyeliner and expressing FEELINGS. I remember driving once and looking over and there was a car full of teenagers all singing along to this, all swaying their heads with big smiles on their faces, like wtf this is supposed to be a sad song.

TRICK ENTRY, this song and video are in fact cool and good, maybe I'll get into it later


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  Sesame Street officially sold out.
Posted by: Dark Jaguar - 16th August 2019, 6:40 PM - Forum: Ramble City - No Replies

Not the HBO thing, this is way worse.

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  Commercials are screaming and cursing at me now...
Posted by: Dark Jaguar - 16th August 2019, 3:36 PM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (6)

Who does this tactic work on?  What is this, superliminal advertising?  I find it abusive and offputting.

So no, I'm not buying your soap, bully man.  You're rude.

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  New portable player
Posted by: etoven - 1st August 2019, 6:16 AM - Forum: Tendo City - Replies (4)

Working on a new portable system design..
Almost ready to start CAD on the PCB.

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  Playing DK Country Returns in 1080p on custom hardware
Posted by: etoven - 14th July 2019, 2:15 AM - Forum: Tendo City - Replies (4)

Built seme custom hardware to run the games and I have to say Wii in 1080p with a better GPU looks pretty dope.

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  Switch Mini
Posted by: A Black Falcon - 11th July 2019, 9:53 PM - Forum: Tendo City - Replies (6)

So, Nintendo recently announced a slightly smaller, portable-only model of the Switch.  The good is that it's a little bit smaller and is only $200, a full $100 less than the regular switch.  Also the thing has a d-pad instead of buttons on the left side, which is nice.

The bad is that it can't be docked so it is not a "Switch"-able- console, it's handheld mode only and some games don't run well in handheld mode; it is still too large to easily fit into most pockets, as it's smaller than a regular Switch, but larger than a model 1 Vita; it doesn't fold to protect the screen like a DS-line system, meaning scratches are likely if you do carry it in a pocket; the controls are now attached to the system so it does not come with the removable joycons that some games require -- Mario Party, all Labo releases, Starlink (physical), and 1-2-Switch, primarily, though other games that take advantage of separated Joycons like Mario Odyssey or such lose that functionality of course as well; and HD Rumble is gone.

... Yeah, those are some pretty big negatives.  Sure, it cuts the price by a third, and I'm sure the Switch Mini will sell well, but I at least have no interest in this.  I mean, a more portable Switch would be great, but this is not that, it's still far behind the 3DS in that regard.

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  Mario Maker 2 - The Game of the Year is here!
Posted by: A Black Falcon - 9th July 2019, 9:11 PM - Forum: Tendo City - Replies (7)

Super Mario Maker on the Wii U was amazingly fun to play levels in, make levels in, and watch people make or play levels in on the internet.  I didn't have a Wii U when the first game released because I was foolish and didn't get one until very late, but had a lot of fun watching videos online of people playing it, then I played a fair amount on 3DS once that version released, and on Wii U after I got one.

And now, the sequel is out!  As I said in the title, I'm pretty confident that this will be my game of the year.  I certainly can't think of anything that will challenge it for that; Link's Awakening is sure to be amazing but isn't a new game, and nothing else I can think of is really in contention. 

And while it's early, I'm already having fun with all three of those things in this fantastic sequel!  Well, I haven't made levels yet though I will, but playing and watching are both fantastic.  And i will make levels, particularly once I get a good stylus for my Switch.  For playing levels, Mario Maker 2 is like the first game but better.  It has more stuff, more objects and such, slopes, new visual themes, and so much more!  It's pretty awesome stuff.  As a Game Boy fan, I particularly like the inclusion of the Mario Land 1 Superball powerup, which turns your character grey, plays Mario Land 1-1 music, and gives you the Superball just as it was there, a bouncy ball which picks up items.  This items' use in Mario Maker is pretty obvious and great.  There is a lot more too.  This game is amazing, and Nintendo says that two MILLION levels have already been uploaded, which is pretty amazing.  No Mario Maker 1 levels are playable in this version, but there are so many levels that that isn't an issue.

Also, this time you can play as not only Mario online, but also Luigi, Toad, or Toadette.  It's too bad that Toadette is now Nintendo's female character in Mario games and not the Princess or Rosalina as they had before, but it's better than nothing I guess, even if it does continue Nintendo's strange, and somewhat inexplicable, love for Toads -- also see the 3DS and Wii U Paper Mario games for a lot more of that.  Anyway, you choose which character you want in the pause menu, so it's not set by level creators.

There is also a  multiplayer mode, though I've heard very bad things about the online play's quality.  I haven't tried it for myself yet though.  Also some of the local play requires Joycons for some stupid reason.  I mean, the game supports the pro controller, it's what I use to play the game with single player!  Why require both players in the two player creation mode to use joycons? Nintendo does dumb things sometimes...

The game has a single player story mode as well.  It has about as many levels as the one in the 3DS game, but has a lot higher production values this time, with a world map, stuff to collect, choice about what order you play the levels in, and more.  And some amusing conversations are here too, like the ones with Mary O. and the pigeon in that game.  Here you play as Mario, rebuilding the Princess's castle after Undo Dog accidentally undid it.  Each level has a different challenge to overcome, and introduces you to a new element of the design.  It's pretty good, though it's not what I play Mario Maker for, really; the weird, always mixed in quality fanmade levels are.

So the game is mostly amazing, but it does have a few issues.  First, some little touches from the first game, like the skinny Mario and the weird sounds Mario sometimes made while falling into pits are gone.  More substantially, creation is a lot worse than it was before because capacative touch screens are awful compared to reactive for serious gaming purpose.  I've been saying this for years, but still believe it, and this shows it very clearly! Fingers are horrible for precise touch, so you can't do much of use with that.  So, you'll need a capacitive stylus that works with the system and allows for precision, which is an additional expense and will have trouble matching the precision of a reactive stylus if they even CAN do that -- those awful mushy tips are the worst for precision to say the least -- or you'll need to learn the button controls, which I haven't tried yet but won't be as good as direct touch control is.  Considering that creation is half of the game, this is a pretty big problem.

Also, friend codes are a thing in this game, and you can't bring your Switch friends list, if you have one, into the game; oh no, that would actually make sense, and Nintendo isn't about making sense when it comes to online anything.  So no, you've got to learn friends codes outside of the game, and add them manually.  Alternately, if you have a level code you can follow creators that way, but still, they make it a lot harder than it should be.  That's to be expected from Nintendo, but still, it's annoying.

And last, in the first game all new levels went into the 100 Marios mode, where you had 100 lives to try to beat 15 levels (or 6 levels, in Super Expert difficulty).  Well, 100 Marios mode has been replaced with an endless mode, where you have only a few lives and see how far you can get.  With only 5 lives at the start instead of 100, getting far is a lot harder this time; yes, you can get extra lives in levels, but it's tough.  I also miss the goal of trying to finish 15 levels and beat the game; instead you now just play until you lose.  There are online leaderboards, but still I don't know that it's an improvement.  Anyway, in this new endless mode, unplayed levels will never appear this time!  Now only levels with a like will.  Instead, new levels ONLY go into the New Levels tab in the single-level selection option, so the only ways to get your level played and liked, so it appears in the endless queue, is either to know people who will play your level, beg people online to play your level like everyone else, or hope people play it in the new levels queue, that's it.  I'm sure they were trying to fix the "lots of terrible levels in the 100 Marios mode" problem the first one had sometimes, but this isn't good either.  Also it can take several days for levels to even get into the queue, at the moment... not great. This issue does seem to be getting better, but the basic design of how new levels are handled is not good. I've seen the idea of a new levels mode, like the endless mode, but just for new, unplayed/unfinished stages, and that's a good idea, I think.

Still, though, what is here is pretty amazing and it's fantastic that Mario Maker is back, because it's one of Nintendo's best ideas ever and it's really great that it's now on a more popular console.  I don't know if it matches the first game overall due to how much worse the creation is, but for people who are only playing it's easily better due to all the new stuff. Mario Maker 2 is fantastic and I love it. I should go play some more of it now...

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  Built me a frog in Blender
Posted by: etoven - 1st July 2019, 7:37 AM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (3)

Built me a frog in Blender Eevee.. Like to keep the skills sharp.


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  Dinner in the sky
Posted by: etoven - 28th June 2019, 4:07 PM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (1)

Dinner in the sky is a restaurant where you eat suspended by a crane 100's of feet in the air.

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Posted by: etoven - 28th June 2019, 3:36 PM - Forum: Ramble City - Replies (1)

Please welcome our special guest Asian Google.
What does this mean? It means that somehow China hasn't blocked us yet.

It also means that the vast majority of all tendo city traffic was meant for somewhere else.. :)

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