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New Paper Mario
Oh yes, a return to the original style of Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door.

It's called Bug Fables.  It's good.  It's whimsical and charming and also has layers of depth.  The combat takes the best parts of Super Mario RPG (3 characters in each battle which are developed equally across the game), Paper Mario (the most obvious inspiration), and Mario & Luigi (the combinations).

The art style is a more simplistic childlike version of Paper Mario.  I suppose you could compare it to Yoshi's Island, but a little smoother.  Other than that, flat land and cell shading- that's what you're getting here.

The sound design is excellent.  The music is addictive and fitting and the sounds give the general feel of a "lived in" world.

The storyline is a return to that older Mario RPG style.  The characters are fleshed out and there's emotional moments with some depth but without straying from that childlike charm.

Oh, but there is one more thing.  The game is HARD.  This is the "Lost Levels" of Paper Mario style games.  There's a challenge badge you can equip at the very start which makes the game even harder.  You'll have to think through every single boss fight with that thing on, but you get extra XP and special rewards for every boss you beat with it on.

I have only just begun, so this isn't a detailed review, but I highly recommend it.  It's on Switch right now, maybe other things I dunno.  It's $25 of your earth dollars.
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