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 I made a Mario Maker level
Yes I know, it's a very timely time to make levels for Mario Maker 1 for Wii U... yeah...

Anyway, I made this level a while ago (2017 or so?  I bought the 3DS version right when it came out.) for the 3DS version of the game, and finished it but of course you can't upload from that version.  After buying a Wii U I played that version some, but mostly just other peoples' levels; I didn't go into the creator until recently, after the Mario Maker 2 announcement inspired me to finally try to upload my level.  I had to unlock all the parts in the game first, which isn't too hard when you look up how to do it quickly, then recreate the level carefully by making it from scratch on Wii U while looking at it on 3DS, because I don't think there is a way to transfer levels between versions, only from one 3DS to another.  That's pretty unfortunate, but I got it exactly the same, then tried to upload it... but it's moderately challenging, so I didn't get it at first.  I tried again today, finally, and finished it!  So yeah, the level is uploaded.  It's a moderate challenge but not one of those insane stages.

(It's not uploaded under my Mii named for me because I didn't remember to switch back from this one, but oh well, that's fine.)
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I didn't have time to play the whole level yet, but I liked the challenge and design overall until the part of the second stage, where you're swarmed with Bloopers while waiting for the world's slowest platform lift to come back for you. I felt like that was a big pace-killer considering how harrowing it is to even get that far. I liked it otherwise. The second stage up to that point was clever and fun.
Thanks for trying it! Did you make any Mario Maker levels (that are actually still there)? I know you did your own game so maybe not, but I forget...

The concept of the level is probably pretty obvious, but Mario has to get past an attacking airship fleet. The problem is that there's a spike wall in the way, so he's got to go into one of the ships and 'zoom in' as it were to find a route through that spike wall that seems so solid in the initial part of the stage. I used a Mario 1 airship theme because i thought it was interesting since there were of course no airships in Mario 1.

But yeah, how I do that part is I wait on the platform with the question block with a mushroom in it (after going up the vines), kill all the bloopers in the area there, then wait for the platform. Or better yet, don't jump on it until it's about to go under the spikes, because otherwise you're standing on it trying to avoid even more fireballs. I was trying to time it so that by the time the platform arrived you'd be done fighting the bloopers (so you wouldn't have to wait for it to go all the way over and back!). You think it should have come quicker?

Right after the blooper fight is the beginning of one of the hardest parts of the level for me... dodging all those fireballs while on moving platforms is tough, and there are a few more bloopers after you go under the spike wall, too. I often take a hit at the part where you go through the spike barricade... though it's the next bit after that, just before you reach the checkpoint, that might be the hardest. There are some tricky parts in the second half of the level (after the checkpoint) for sure, but the later parts of the first half are probably harder.

I've been playing more Mario Maker again recently, and I at least think my level isn't nearly as hard as a lot of stuff I see in 100 Mario challenge Hard mode levels (I don't use any tricky crazy tactic stuff since I doubt I could do that anyway...), but some are easier so maybe it's that level of challenge? Maybe it'd go in Normal, but I'm not sure. It's hard to say yourself, you made the level so it's probably easier for me after all. I'd have needed to upload it years ago for that to really matter though, not many people are playing Mario Maker 1 anymore these days, which is understandable really... it says only a couple of people have played the stage so far, and I'm sure that'd be different when the game was newer.
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