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Wii Online Store (WiiWare/Wii VC) to be shut down March 2018
... Pretty much. Specifically, you will be able to add money into the Wii store until March of next year, but you will have until January 2019 to spend that money. There is also no guarantee that you will be able to re-download any games you've previously purchased after Jan. 2019.

So what do I think of this? Well, it was going to happen someday. Nintendo has never been one to leave online services on after the system they are on isn't selling anymore, as you see with, well, every previous online network they have ever done, up to Miiverse, which shuts down in about a month. I presume that WiiWare/WiiVC was making money for a decent while, since it is a cash shop, but it must not be anymore, obviously. So down it goes. For many platforms (though not the Wii) this would be terrible for game preservation, and this is yet another very bad sign for the future of digital games.

There are two sides to this. One the one hand, this is another reminder that digital storefronts can and will be shut down, and your purchases will eventually not be re-downloadable. However, you can lose physical games as well, and in some cases people have had all their games lost, destroyed, or what have you. You can lose your games either way. However, this way EVERYONE loses everything and no one is able to buy any of the hundreds of download-exclusive Wii games again after this, so of course physical is far better for lastability, as has always been said.

However, in this case, things aren't as bad as they could be -- because the Wii has been completely hacked open, if you just install custom software into your Wii, including the Homebrew Channel, etc., anyone will be able to play any of the Wii's downloadable games without too much trouble. For as long as you can still actually buy the games I won't be doing that as it's not right, and I think I'll buy a bunch of WiiWare stuff at some point before the shutdown, but once Nintendo makes it impossible to buy downloadable Wii games again? Yeah, that'll be the time to mod my Wii. There is no reason not to once Nintendo has said "we don't want your money anymore or care about game preservation", as they have once again done here.

I wonder, when do MS and Sony follow suit and take down the PS3 and X360 online systems, including online stores and multiplayer... it'll probably be long after Nintendo, since MS particularly had so much more success at getting people online than Nintendo ever did (for good reason), but it probably will happen eventually. That X360 dashboard sure looks empty without all the online stuff on it though, and I still use my 360 online regularly, something I have never done with the Wii, so yeah, I hope MS keeps their 360 servers running indefinitely.

On that note, I wonder, will you still be able to use Wii applications like Netflix and such after this shutdown? Like, 'you can use it if you have it but can't re-download it anymore' or something? Heh...

But anyway, overall this is disappointing but was going to happen. I'm just glad that hackers have backed up everything in this store, or else this would be much, MUCH worse. But before this shutdown happens, I'll have to think about how much to spend on WiiWare games...

As one final thought though, the biggest mistake Nintendo made with WiiWare is that sales are not allowed. Sales are a great way to increase sales and revenues, and I like buying games that are on sale. I have a few dozen WiiWare games (and a couple of Wii VC games), but I've bought a lot fewer games for WiiWare than I would have had games gone on sale like they do on literally every other online storefront! I know Nintendo likes to not reduce the price of their games, but not allowing anyone else to ever put games on sale was a huge mistake. And if I remember right didn't Nintendo set prices for all games too, not the developers? WiiWare had issues... but despite that it has a pretty good library of games and it should be remembered for that.
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So I made this list back in October and posted it on my site, but somehow I don't seem to have posted it here... huh. Well, there are still a few months to go before the shutdown, so here is the improved version of the list!
Here is my list/article on what seems interesting on WiiWare / VC. I've only played a relative few of these games, but went through the whole store, looked up reviews and other-platform releases for interesting games, and more, a few months ago and these are the results. I originally posted this on my sitehere.


Nintendo announced that the Wii’s digital-download store will be shut down soon. Starting in March 2018 you will not be able to add points (money to buy games with) to your account, so game purchasing will be impossible beyond spending any points you have previously purchased. You will still be able to download games you’ve bought previously, though. Then in January 2019 the store will be completely shut down, and all redownload will be impossible after that. However, as digital Wii games are locked to the system instead of an account, that is only an issue if you have deleted something and want to download it again, a problem you can solve by having more or larger SD cards to put the games on.

So, despite the impending shutdown, I’ve decided to get a bunch of WiiWare games while we still can, because while I bought several dozen WiiWare games and a couple of Wii Virtual Console games over the years, there are a lot of potentially interesting games on the system that I still don’t have, and for as long as you can still buy them I think I should. After that maybe piracy is sadly okay, since if Nintendo doesn’t want to sell the games anymore people who want to play those games should be able to if they want, but while they are available, turn on your Wii, or Wii mode in a Wii U, and buy some WiiWare games! I will be.

So, here is a list of WiiWare games that are of interest. I’m not also going to list many Virtual Console titles because while there are many games of interest there, those are all at least still playable on their original systems, which is where most of them are better.


Most importantly, this is not a list of everything on WiiWare. It is a list of all games that I thought looked interesting enough in some way to list, which is a lot of them but not everything. Sorry if I skipped over anything noteworthy.

This list will be in alphabetical order by publisher, because that is how Nintendo lists them in the store; there is no way to just view everything, only the by-publisher list lists all games once only. There is also a genre-based list, but some games are in multiple genres so I can’t use that one if I only want to see each title once, which I do.

I will also list the price for each game, in Wii points. In the US, Wii points cost 1 cent each, so 500 = $5, 1000 = $10, and such. The prices as stated never change, because WiiWare and Wii VC games never go on sale — Nintendo seems to have never put in a sale function in their store, or something. It’s annoying but true.


game titles are games that I own. They’re all worth a look, though some more so than others.

Italicized titles are Wii-exclusive games; other titles are also available elsewhere. WiiWare exclusives will not be purchasable after the shop goes down, so they deserve primary attention here.

Underlining means two things. In games that I own, it means that I definitely recommend getting this game. In titles that I do not own, it means that I find the title potentially interesting based on their descriptions. These are games I definitely might get before the Wii shop closes down. If a game is also available, often for less, or in an enhanced remade form, on some other format I probably won’t recommend it even if it’s great; the focus here is first on games you can only, or best, play on the Wii.

Finally, first comes the WiiWare section of the list. The Wii Virtual Console section is below it.

The List: WiiWare

Nintendo (because they list themselves first)

ArtStyle Cubello – 600 – Good puzzle game. This is fun stuff.
ArtStyle Light Trax – 600 (a sequel of sorts to bit Generations: Dotstream on GBA) – Okay game but I don’t love it.
ArtStyle Orbient – 600
ArtStyle Rotohex – 600
ArtStyle Rotozoa – 600
Dr. Mario Online RX – 1000 – An okay version of Dr. Mario, though still-online ones for newer systems would be better.
Eco Shooter: Plant 530 – 1000 – A mediocre and very short light-gun shooter. I’m glad I got this as a points reward and didn’t pay money for it.
Excitebike World Rally - 1000
Fluidity – 1200
Grill-Off with Ultra Hand – This game was only available as a Club Nintendo reward, and cannot be legitimately purchased or added to your system anymore. Fortunately (?) it’s a pretty simple and average game which I quickly lost interest in.
Mabioshi’s Arcade – 800
Rock ‘n Roll Climber – 800
Snowpack Park – 800
Wario Ware: D.I.Y. Showcase – 800. This game can connect with the DS game, Wario Ware: D.I.Y. That is the full title, while this just lets you play some minigames. It was mostly useful as a way to play user-made games you downloaded, but since the Wii and DS’s online multiplayer was shut down years ago, so it’s much less useful now. It does allow you to play the games from the DS game on a TV though so it could still have some use.
You, Me, and the Cubes – 1000

2D Boy

World of Goo – 1500


Potpurrrii – 800


Zombie Panic in Wonderland – 1000 (This version of the game is Wii-exclusive, but there is a 3DS eShop DX version with added content that is better overall, though the Wiimote aiming here is nice.)


Family Glide Hockey – 500
Family Go-Kart Racing – 500 (there is also a 3DS game, Family Kart 3D, but I think it might be different?)
Family Mini Golf – 500
Family Slot Car Racing – 500
Family Pirate Party – 500
Family Tennis – 500 (there are also Wii U and 3DS Family Tennis games. I don’t think they are identical to this release but they build on it, the Wii U one particularly.)
Family Table Tennis – 500
Family Card Games – 500


Anima: Ark of Sinners – 1000


Mr. Driller W – 800 – A decent Mr. Driller game.
Muscle March – 500

Big Blue Bubble

Burn the Rope – 1000

Big John

Mouse House – 600


Bit Boy!! – 600
Niki: Rock ‘n’ Ball – 500
Plattchen: Twist ‘n’ Paint – 1000

Broken Rules

And Yet it Moves – 1000 (not exclusive, but the Wii version has better controls than the ports)


Space Trek – 700


Mega Man 9 – 1000 plus about 1000 in DLC. These games are multiplatform but if you want to have them for Nintendo, this is close to your last chance. It’s great. Hard, but great. This is harder than any of the NES games.
Mega Man 10 – 1000 plus about 1000 in DLC. This one is a bit easier than 9 is, but it’s still tough, and really good. These are both must-plays, at least in my opinion!


Dracula: Undead Awakening – 1000


Inkub – 500
Dive: The Medes Island Secret – 1000


SPOGS Racing – 1000

Deep Fried

Shadowplay – 800

Digital Leisure

Overflow – 1500
Copter Crisis – 500
The Incredible Maze – 500


Jelly Car 2 – 500


Equilibrio – 500

Dream Box

Robox – 1000


TNT Racers – 1000

Empty Clip

Groovin Blocks – 800


Bang Attack! – 500


Brain Drain – 500


Chronos Twins DX – 1000 (an expanded version of a Europe-only DS game)
La-Mulana – 1000 (a popular game, but this is not the best version)


ColorZ – 700


Flight Control – 700

Fishing Cactus

Trenches Generals – 500


LostWinds – 1000 (both LostWinds games are not exclusive, but are best here, with better controls than on other platforms. They are fairly higly regarded I believe.)
LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias – 1000


Gene Labs – 1500

Frozen Codebase

Jam City Rollergirls – 1000


Frobot – 1000

Gaijin Games

Lilt Line – 500


Furry Legends – 1000 (also on DSiWare but this is the better version. I played the demo and liked it.)


Block Breaker Deluxe – 800

Game Shastra

Tumblebugs 2 – 800


GhostSlayer – 600
Little Tournament Over Yonder – 800


Rage of the Gladiator – 1000


Diatomic – 800

High Voltage

High Voltage Hot Rod Show – 1000
Gyrostarr – 700 – This is a fun little rail shooter. I like the speed.

Hudson Soft

Adventure Island: The Beginning – 800
Alien Crush Returns – 800 – While not as great as the original, it’s fun.
Bomberman Blast – 1000
Onslaught – 1000
Pop ‘Em Drop ‘Em Samegame – 500
Star Soldier R – 800 – This score-attack shmup was a lot better when its leaderboards were online, but I still like it.
Snowboard Riot – 1000
Water Warfare – 800


Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder – 500


Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors – 500 – This game got terrible reviews but I enjoy it, actually.


Mart Racer – 500


Castlevania ReBirth – 1000 – Very good but short.
Contra ReBirth – 1000

Critter Round-Up – 1000
Driift Mania – 800 – I found this overhead racer disappointing.

Frogger Hyper Arcade – 700
Frogger Returns – 500
Gradius ReBirth – 1000 – It’s not quite on par with the classic Gradius games, but this is still really good!
Sandy Beach – 500

Tomena Sanner – 500


Lead the Meerkats – 1000


Ghost Mania -500
Three Musketeers: One for All! – 900


Gravitronix – 500


3D Pixel Racing – 500
Kyotokei – 500 (there is also an iOS port of the game, but it is single player only while this one has two players, and better controls of course.) This is an okay indie shmup with a color-switching mechanic. It’s kind of fun.


Harvest Moon: My Little Shop – 1200
Moki Moki – 800


Cocoto Platform Jumper – 700
Heracles Chariot Racing – 800


Cave Story – 1200 (This is a true classic, but better versions are on other platforms.)

NIS America

Viral Survival – 500


escapeVektor Chapter 1 – 500 (it’s good, but the complete game was later released on 3DS eshop only)
Pop – 700


Flowerworks – 1000


Urbanix – 500
Monochrome Racing – 500
Robin Hood: The Return of Richard – 500
Jewel Keepers: Easter Island – 500
Arcade Essentials – 500


Pallurikio – 1000


A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots – 500

Over the Top Games

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits – 1000. This game was later ported to the PC and iOS, but the controls are designed for the Wii and it would not play nearly as well anywhere else. It’s a pretty good puzzle/platformer well worth playing.


Bejeweled 2 – 1000

Press Play

Max & the Magic Marker – 1000


Gnomz – 1000

2 Fast 4 Gnomz – 500


Newton vs. The Horde – 500 (technically not exclusive, but it is only also on Xbox Live Indie Games, a service which was shut down a few days ago, so this is the only way to buy this apparently-awful game now.)

Real Arcade

Boingz – 1000


MotoHeroz – 1500
(this is the version of this game to get, it’s only also on iOS) – From the Trials people! Looks great.


Fenimore Fillmore: “The Westerner” – 1000

Riverman Media

MadStone – 800

Rock You

Bloons – 500


Swords & Soldiers – 1000 (a good game, but you can get it elsewhere.)


Snail Mail – 600
(This is a port of an iOS remake of a browser-based Shockwave PC racing-ish game. It’s not exactly the same as either previous version, though; multiplayer has been added, and perhaps more.)


Save the Furries – 1000


Let’s Catch – 1000
(can connect to Let’s Tap for DS for an added bonus)
Sonic 4: Episode 1 – 1500


Drop Zone: Under Fire – 500
(also on 3DS, but this is the better version) – This obscure falling-shooter is good fun, I thought. Look it up.

Semnat Studios

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster – 800
– This is an okay-to-good indie run & gun. It’s kind of Contra-like, and has good art. (… Not that I can be entirely objective about this one, as I used to know one of the developers online. But yeah, buy it. )


Magic Destiny – 500
Vampire Crystals – 1000
(there was a later iOS version of this surprisingly good game, but I think it’s altered.) – This is a great twinstick shooter, get it! It was one of the last WiiWare releases so it didn’t get much attention. Yes, despite its title this game IS actually really good.


Art of Balance – 800 – Also available on 3DS, Wii U, and PS4, but this original version is great too. I got it for Wii U.
FAST Racing League – 1000 – A popular classic futuristic racer. The Wii U / Switch sequel is better, but this game is also great.
Fun! Fun! Minigolf – 900 – There is a 3DS eShop followup to this available, but this is good too.
Jett Rocket – 1000 – Yes, you can do a good 3d platformer in WiiWare’s size limitation! See, this game.


Crystal Defenders R1 – 800 (technically “exclusive”, but it’s just the first world of the iOS/PS3/360/etc. Crystal Defenders game sold on its own for way too much.)
Crystal Defenders R2 – 800 (see above, except this is with worlds 2 and 3 of the original game.)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King – 1500 (plus lots in semi-required DLC) – I’d play this if not for all that DLC…
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord – 1500
(plus lots in semi-required DLC) Expensive DLC aside this is a pretty good take on a tower defense game.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – 800 for episode 1, plus 2900 in DLC costs for the remaining episodes. This is not the best or cheapest way to play this game.
The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages – 1000, plus 2100 in DLC
The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts – 1000, plus 2000 in DLC

Stickmen Studios

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time – 1000
Dragon Master Spell Caster – 500
Kung Fu Funk: Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting! – 500

Studio Walljump

Liight – 800

Studio Zan

Overturn – 800


Astro Bugz Revenge – 700
(expanded version of an iOS game)


Blaster Master Overdrive – 1000

Super Icon

Soccer Bashi – 500
Stunt Cars – 800
Arcade Sports – 800
Family Games: Pen & Paper Edition! – 500


Arkanoid Plus! – 600, plus 200 in DLC (different from Arkanoid Live for X360)
Bubble Bobble Plus! – 600, plus 400 in DLC (apparently the same as Bubble Bobble Neo for X360)
Bust-A-Move Plus! – 600, plus 400 in DLC (similar to BAM Live for X360)
Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! – 800
Space Invaders Get Even – 500, plus 1500 in DLC (a unique spin on Space Invaders)


3-2-1 Rattle Battle – 500
Eat! Fat! Fight! – 1000


Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People – Episodes 1-5 – 1000 each
Tales of Monkey Island – Episodes 1-5 – 1000 each

Tetris Online (actually by Hudson Soft)

Tetris Party – 1200
(also has an expanded Wii disc / Nintendo DS followup, Tetris Party Deluxe)


Heavy Fire: Black Arms – 500
Heavy Fire: Special Ops – 500

The Learning Company

Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math – Episodes 1-5 – 600 each

tons of bits

chick chick BOOM – 800


Heron: Steam Machine – 500

Two Tribes

Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH – 600 (later ported to PC and Wii U. The other versions of RUSH don’t have the Rubik’s name attached, but are the same game and cost less.)
Toki Tori – 1000 (a great game, but get it for less on another system!)


Protothea – 1000 (a PC port dual-stick-style shooter with Wiimote aiming instead of mouse, or two sticks.)
Voodoo Dice – 1000


Balloon Pop Festival – 800 (I presume that this game is original, though there are many other Balloon Pop games out there for Wii, DS, 3DS, and especially iOS.)

Unconditional Studios

Bittos+ – 800
(also available for PC as Bittos-e, sold on the games’ website only)


Retro City Rampage – 1000 (another good game also available on other platforms for this much or less, and with expanded content in the later DX release, which is not on Wii.)

Virtual Toys

HoopWorld – 1000

Spaceball: Revolution – 800
Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam – 1000


Robocalypse: Beaver Defense – 600


LIT – 800
(also on iOS, Android, and PC, but all other releases are based on the much simplified phone version, not the better original Wii game here.)


Around the World – 500


Defend Your Castle – 500


Magnetis – 500


Gods vs. Humans – 1200
Racers’ Island: Crazy Arenas – 500
Racers’ Island: Crazy Racers – 1000

Selected Virtual Console Titles

First, you can find a list of all Wii Virtual Console titles here:

Again, all Virtual Console games are re-releases of older titles, so none are Wii exclusive. Several hundred are titles only digitally available on Nintendo platforms on the Wii, however, including all of the Genesis, Master System, and Turbografx games as well as some Nintendo titles, so there is reason to look at these. Additionally, Wii emulation is generally quite good particularly for people wanting digital titles that they can display at 240p resolution, since the Wii supports that. However, as I have preferred to buy actual classic games to VC re-releases, I’ve never paid much attention to Virtual Console. I’d like to try to mention some games for the service, however, particularly games you can only digitally buy here.

First, three games deserving of special mention.

Space Harrier (Arcade) – The arcade version of Space Harrier for the Wii has motion controls added, to emulate the arcade’s analog stick by tilting the Wii Nunchuck controller. That’s a pretty awesome feature to include here, and it makes this an exclusive version of the game. As far as I know this is the only Wii VC game with motion added, and it’s not a Nintendo title, it’s Sega! Heh. Nintendo always has been kind of lazy with their emulation…

Monster World IV (Genesis) – This game is also available digitally on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but it is very noteworthy because Sega commissioned a new translation of this previously Japan-only title for its 2010 digital re-release. Definitely get this great game for one of those platforms, and perhaps the Wii because it looks great on Wii.

(Neo-Geo) – This quality shmup actually had its only ever release on WiiWare, as the original Neo-Geo cartridge version of Ironclad was cancelled. A Neo-Geo CD version of the game was released in the late ’90s, but this is the cancelled cartridge version, not the CD one. It has not yet been released anywhere else, and the CD version has not seen a digital re-release anywhere.

And now, selected titles.

First, there are some Wii VC games which, while originally released in other regions on physical media, are still exclusively released in North America as Wii Virtual Console titles. This means that they are import games that only got released in the US on Wii VC and have not been re-released anywhere else. They are all good games, and some are great. Here’s a list: Gley Lancer (Genesis), Pulseman (Genesis), Street Fighter II’: Champion Edition (TurboGrafx), DoReMI Fantasy (SNES), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System) (the awful Game Gear version of this was released on cart in the US and is available in multiple Sega collections, but not this better SMS release!), and Sonic Chaos (Master System) (as with Sonic 2, the GG version is easily available here, but the SMS version is WiiVC-only.). Puyo Puyo 2 (Genesis) also technically goes here, though there is a US 3DS eShop release of the very similar arcade version of the game.

Additionally some games are still US-exclusive digitally on the Wii, but do have digital re-releases on other formats in Japan: Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (TurboGrafx) (This game is also available digitally and physically on PSP (/Vita) in the Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles package, but is only on a Nintendo system here and is fantastic.), Monster World IV (Genesis, as mentioned above), Super Fantasy Zone (Genesis), Cho Aniki (TurboGrafx) (the game has a Japanese Wii U VC release, but not elsewhere), Gradius II (TurboGrafx) (the original arcade version has some US releases, such as on the PSP Gradius collection, and in Japan it was released in the PS3’s PC Engine Classics line, but in the US the Wii has the only ever release of this version.), Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (NES) (also on 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console, both in Japan only; here, Wii-exclusive.).

Of the Virtual Console games of previously US-released games, I should mention some highlights that are currently not available digitally anywhere other than on the Wii Virtual Console. Yes, all games below have their only US digital release on Wii VC. Note this only includes games that are currently available, not the sadly delisted titles that otherwise would be here.

GameXplain made a video listing all titles that are only digitally available on Nintendo platforms on the Wii here: and it is very useful. It doesn’t mention games that have digital re-releases elsewhere, though, which is true for many Genesis games and some TurbGrafx titles as well. For the NES, SNES, and N64, however, that video almost entirely covers it.

NES: Of the games only for sale digitally on Wii, most aren’t amazing but Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (mentioned above), Adventures of Lolo 2, Burger Time, Final Fantasy, Faxanadu, Zanac, and Star Soldier are worth a mention for sure. Perhaps also Milon’s Secret Castle and A Boy and his Blob.

SNES: A lot of great SNES games are still only on Wii VC, see the video for the list. I definitely highly recommend Super Turrican, it’s amazing! Gradius III, Chrono Trigger, and Super Bonk are great as well. There are more. Beyond that, I should mention that there is at least one game that does have Wii U / 3DS VC releases in Japan, but in the US is still Wii-exclusive: Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.

N64: Only four N64 games are being delisted for now, but all four — Bomberman Hero, Cruis’n USA, Super Smash Bros., and Pokemon Puzzle League — are good games, the latter two particularly.

As for those non-Nintendo platforms, though, things are more complex.

TurboGrafx: Excepting the handful of titles also available on the PS3/PSP (listed here:, all of the other TurboGrafx games on the Wii have their only US releases on Wii Virtual Console. Many more PCE games also have Japanese PS3/PSP releases, but the US saw only a handful of titles there. I should note that Dragon’s Curse is also Wii VC-exclusive, but the game has a multiplatform remake, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, that released in 2017 for many platforms. That is based on the arcade and SMS versions and not this one, but they are essentially the same. The TG16 and Turbo CD are fantastic systems, and buy lots of the games here! Some of note that aren’t also on PS3/PSP include Monster Lair, Shockman, Air Zonk, Psychosis, Dead Moon, Legend of Hero Tonma, Battle Lode Runner, The Dynastic Hero, Bomberman ’93, Cratermaze, and Military Madness. There are also some noteworthy games that are on Wii VC in the US, and still are US-exclusive digitally here, but do have Japan-only releases on the PSP and PS3 in the “PC Engine Classics” line: Neutopia II, Devil’s Crush, Bonk’s Revenge (PC Genjin 2), Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure (PC Genjin 3), Gate of Thunder, Lords of Thunder, Galaga ’90 (Galaga ’88), Splatterhouse, and Ys I & II (though this game also has multiple remakes available on various systems).

Sega Genesis: Lots of Sega’s Genesis games have PC releases on Steam, but some Genesis games available on the Wii are still Wii VC-exclusive, including the expensive classic MUSHA, Rolling Thunder 2 (a game I like a lot!), Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II, Boogerman, and Mega Turrican. The Genesis version of Earthworm Jim is also Wii VC-only, though other versions are available elsewhere. Also see the import exclusives I mentioned earlier.

Sega Master System: SMS games haven’t been re-released like Genesis games, so the 15 on Wii VC will mostly vanish digitally with the Wii’s shop. Of them, I’d particularly note Sonic the Hedgehog, Secret Command (this is actually Rambo: First Blood Part II), Phantasy Star, and Fantasy Zone II. Some may wish to look up the Wonder Boy and Alex Kidd games as well.

Neo-Geo: This system is amazing, but few games here aren’t available elsewhere, and with how Neo-Geo games continue to be re-released on modern systems I expect that few will stay Wii VC-only for digital purchase. Many of the games listed in the GameXplain video do have releases on other modern platforms (GOG, Steam, and/or Humble Store PC releases, Switch, and more), but a few do not yet (in the US), including Ninja Masters, Ninja Commando, Ninja Combat, Ironclad, Top Hunter, and Magical Drop III. Magical Drop III is included on disc on the Wii on the Data East Arcade Classics compilation, however. SNK’s four disc-based Wii collections include many more games, including all of the Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, and KOF ’94-’98 games, as well as the 16 titles in the SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 disc: , which does include Top Hunter as well as some games not released digitally on the Wii.

Arcade: Space Harrier is the standout here, and most of these games are available elsewhere, but some of these are worth a look regardless, such as arcade Golden Axe.


Overall, despite all the space I have given the Virtual Console here, and that many of these games are better than a lot of WiiWare titles, because they are playable elsewhere, on their original platform,s in emulation, on newer consoles, or what have you, I would strongly recommend focusing much more on WiiWare than Virtual Console. Those are the games that are truly going away after the Wii’s online store is shut down, not the Virtual Console games… Space Harrier and Ironclad kind of excluded. WiiWare may have a lot of mediocre titles released for it, including some above and more I did not list, but there are also some pretty good games here that should not be forgotten, so go play them!
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So as a little followup to this topic, Nintendo said that the Wii shop channel would be entirely shut down in January 2019, which would mean no further re-download of purchased games would be possible. Well, purchase of new games was disabled in January 2019 and all games were removed from the store, but as for that latter part, the total disabling of the store and your losing the ability to re-download purchased games... not so far!

Yes, I checked yesterday, plugging my Wii in to the internet for the first time in a year or more, and all games are gone from the store, but the Wii shop channel is, as of yesterday, still online -- you can still log in, listen to the Wii shop music, and re-download games you bought previously. The only things in the store itself are the Wii U transfer program and the Skyward Sword save file fixer, both free, but they are still there, as are downloads for purchased stuff. I wonder how long it'll be online for... Nintendo hasn't said.
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