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Wonder Woman has something to say...
And that something is that it's okay to help people for it's own sake. Particularly with DC movies, it seems that modern super hero movies are terrified of making their heroes motivated PURELY by the desire to help the less fortunate. They've always got to have some other angle or reason, or in the case of BvS and Man O' Steel, even a general disdain for the people they feel "forced" into helping. Wonder Woman dreamed of helping people since she was a kid in this movie, and then she does it. She learns that the world is a messy place with no clear answer, and in the face of that she still decides to help people simply because it's the right thing to do. What was once cheesy and naive has become groundbreaking all over again.

Okay, so this isn't some timeless classic we're looking at here. It's not the best movie of our generation. It's not even the best movie this year. It IS however a good super hero movie, not cast from the same mold as Marvel's movies, that says it's okay to be good, and it's okay to risk yourself for others while getting nothing in return, and you aren't stupid for taking time out of "the mission" to save a bunch of innocent people, and you're not weak for sparing some villain's life. By Zeus, it's been a while.

It does have some flaws. The bookends serve primarily to remind me that the other DC universe movies exist, and that's not a good thing to me. Also:
[spoiler]The end reveal that the bad guy she's been chasing the whole time wasn't actually the god of war was great, and what I was expecting. When it turned out to be that one military general though, I mean, that didn't make much sense. He would have been undermining his whole plan the whole time by funding the small group going out to stop it. It would have been better for Ares to simply reveal himself as just himself, not another human character. The end result would be the same, he's not responsible for humanity's wars, they are. All he did was accelerate their self destruction by suggesting new weapons to kill themselves with. I'm on board with all that. Heck, the final battle was kinda weird at that It'd be better if he simply wanted to leave, to start all over again in a few years, only for WW to decide she has to stop him here and now, which would make a bit more sense as a motivation for a final battle.[/spoiler]

There's a few other small things, but overall it's a solid super hero movie. Setting it during WW1 made a lot of sense thematically, and frankly I'm always relieved to see some variety instead of just WW2 over and over again. WW2 actually DID have a "final boss" (or at least the closest thing the real world has ever had to that), where WW1 was basically a big mess with no clear cut villain or main cause, so it makes sense to set Dianna's lesson in the Great War. The "new weapon", as you might imagine, is deadly gas rather than nukes.

Also, there's some good humor. I mean like morally good humor. At one point, one of the group that feels like he failed them says he's going to leave, and in complete sincerity Wonder Woman says "but if you leave who will sing for us?". That's the sort of thing you can get out of this. Anyway, I recommend it. I can say the little girl behind me seemed to get a kick out of it. She was wearing a tiara and seemed pretty pumped about it all.
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