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Games Bought Thread 3
... You know, by ignoring this thread I do not make my job of keeping my 'what I've gotten' records up to date any easier, it just makes it harder. And yet despite knowing that I keep doing this kind of thing, I know ignoring problems doesn't fix them and yet I keep doing just that. Oh well...

I know I have not been posting here, but I've been busy and quite a lot has been going on, most definitely including with my videogame collection. The big part I think I should make a new thread for, though -- after my old RP-CRT failed, I got a fairly nice 4K OLED TV. And then I started buying a bunch of stuff for it, because old games don't look any good at all on it by default so a significant rework of my setup, as far as connections are concerned, is required. So, I got a bunch of wires and a Retrotink 2X Pro. And then from there I decided to finally take the plunge into RGB with some HD Retrovision cables for four consoles, the Genesis, SNES, Saturn, and Master System. Genesis graphics without ANY of that shimmer and such are kind of amazing to see!

But I should talk about that in a dedicated thread. As far as games go I have been busy, though probably not as much as if I wasn't spending so, so much on all that other stuff...

The main thing I got other than all of that equipment is another thing from ebay, a S-Video modded Atari 7800 console for $160 from ebay, console only; I used my power cable from my old 7800 and my old controllers and games with this system. It was cheaper than other systems the seller was selling with the cords, so I "saved" a bit in comparison as I didn't need them. I had been thinking about getting a new 7800 for years, since the power switch on mine failed back in 2014, but I have never either fixed that one (this would require some serious soldering to replace that switch, I do not have that skill) or gotten another one, until now. I thought that sure, I could have gotten a regular 7800 for like $70, max, but while not cheap this modded one is definitely a better unit -- the video quality from this s-video plug is DRAMATICALLY better than I remember 7800 RF being on a base console, and that's all you will get out of the system without a mod! Now, the Atari 7800 is a disappointing system I'm definitely not a fan of and buying one again has not changed that opinion, but despite that I am glad to be able to play the game s again, and way sharper looking than they were before.

I already have 18 7800 games, including most of the common ones, so I only picked up a couple of new titles on ebay. I'll probably get more eventually, and some homebrews; the system has some interesting ones.

Physical Games

Under Fire! PC 7/16/2020 (old PC game, complete in box, got locally.) $10. A neat find, this is an old wargame.

Jinks Atari 7800, 7800 07/29/20 from ebay Complete (Arrived Sealed) $13.00. This game tries to be an interesting side-scrolling Breakout-style game, but only ends up being a visual mess and a pretty big disappointment. The weirdness makes it worth a look anyway for me, though.

Rampage Atari 7800, 7800 Activision 07/31/20 from ebay Cart Only $25.00 - Yes, this is Rampage. It's a fine port of the game, with all three characters unlike the NES, but... Rampage isn't exactly deep or complex, and goes on just about forever. Even as a kid I didn't have the patience to get anywhere near the end of this thing (on the NES, a version that ironically I do not own). It's amusing for a little while though.

Mogul Maniac Atari 2600, 2600 07/29/20 from ebay Cart Only $10.00 I got this game from the same person as one of those 7800 games. It's a decent racing game and seeing a 2600 game from the "Amiga Corporation" sure is weird... heh.

Countermeasure Atari 5200, 5200 08/06/20 from ebay, $18.55 - This is a rare 5200 exclusive from Atari. It's a topdown tank game with a 'learn the code' element.
Wizard of Wor Atari 5200, 5200 08/06/20 from ebay, $23 - A quality port of Midway's arcade hit. It's too bad there is no speech but oitherwise it's good.

Also I got two supposedly barely or not at all used Atari 5200 controllers for $50. They even have the protector sheets over the metal strip. These three 5200 lots are from someone selling a bunch of 5200 stuff, I bid on a lot but only won these three. It's too bad I missed out on Space Dungeon, but I will get that (with its controller holder) eventually.

For digital games, I got some more, mostly on the Nintendo platforms.
Capcom Arcade Cabinet w/ DLC Bundle Xbox 360, X360 - DD (XBLA) 07/15/20 On Sale $10.00
Sweet Memories: Blackjack Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop) CIRCLE Entertainment 07/26/20 On Sale $1.00
Sisters Royale (DLC character - Ode) Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) - DLC 07/27/20 On Sale $1.50
Moto Rush GT Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/28/20 On Sale Free with Nintendo Gold Points (would have been >$1)
Swap This! Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) Two Tribes BV 07/28/20 On Sale $0.10
Toki Tori Wii U - DD (eShop) Two Tribes BV 07/28/20 On Sale $0.20
Atomic Heist Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/29/20 On Sale $0.20
Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) Capcom 07/29/20 On Sale $10.00
Lapis x Labyrinth Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/29/20 On Sale $10.00
Orbitblazers Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/29/20 On Sale $6.00
RIVE: Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/29/20 On Sale $1.50
Sisters Royale: FIve Sisters Under Fire Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/29/20 On Sale $7.00
Super One More Jump Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/29/20 On Sale $0.70
Phil's Epic FIll-a-Pix Adventure Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop) 07/30/20 On Sale $4.00
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop) 07/30/20 On Sale $9.00
PICROSS e6 Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop) 07/30/20 $6.00
V.O.I.D. Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 07/30/20 On Sale $1.00
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Quote:... You know, by ignoring this thread I do not make my job of keeping my 'what I've gotten' records up to date any easier, it just makes it harder. And yet despite knowing that I keep doing this kind of thing, I know ignoring problems doesn't fix them and yet I keep doing just that. Oh well...

What about us, mister? We've been waiting for an update for better than a month for now.   Hammertime ‌ Now get cracking on that RP-CRT failed, 4K OLED TV replacement, wire aquisition, Retrotink 2X Pro rig, RGB upgrade, HD Retrovision cable adornment, SNES/Saturn/Master System enhancement with the added bonus of a shimmer-free Genesis experience dedicated thread!
Hey, for that news you've only been waiting a month.

The rest of the several thousand dollars of old Japanese videogames I imported between November (of last year) and this February, though?

Well I mentioned a few of them at the time, namely the Wonderswan systems and most of the games I got for that thing, but the rest I did not, and still haven't. I need to. In retrospect the timing was pretty perfect, I had not done anything like that (in terms of how much I got in imports) in several years and it sure was a good time to do that again, given that right afterwards international shipping went all horribly wrong thanks to COVID...
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I went to a few stores today and got some stuff, one of them pretty interesting.

Carnival - Mattel Intellivision, $3, complete. I have this game on the 2600 and Colecovision, but I finally decided to pick this version up too. Why not?
Galaxian - Atari 2600, $3, cart only. I love this game on the 5200, but while I'm sure this won't be as good I have wanted to get it for comparison, and because it's probably good.
Super Strike Eagle - Super NES, $4, cart only. This is nice tech showcase for what you can do with Mode 7.
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom - Super NES, $40, cart with plastic dust cover.
Conquests of Camelot - PC, complete, $55. Yes, I paid a lot for this, but it is a pretty cool thing to see so I couldn't resist. This is a big box adventure game from 1989 from Sierra.
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Bought yesterday:

Renegade Racers PlayStation, PSX, PS1 Complete $16.00
Sport Superbike 2 PlayStation, PSX, PS1 Complete $5.00
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight NES Cart Only $8.00
L.A. Rush Xbox Complete $3.00
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First, I found a couple of games I bought in March 2019 that I forgot to list either here or in my collection spreadsheet. These two games were delisted, but I was able to buy digital keys for them from Gamestop's website. I think you can't do this anymore, but the ability to buy delisted games' keys from Gamestop was still something you could do when I got these, so I got these two.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - PlayStation Vita, PSV - DD - $40
PixelJunk SideScroller - PlayStation 3, PS3 - DD - $10

And today I got these.

Dinotopia - GBA, cart only, $3 - this may look like a licensed nothing at first glance, but it was made by the same team who made Lady Sia, a pretty good GBA platformer, and runs in that engine. After learning that I started looking for a copy and found one.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete Collection (1 & 2) - Nintendo Switch, NS - $20, complete. Was it worth it to pay twice this much for a Vita copy of one of the two games in this pack? Yeah, sure, why not; the Vita has a fantastic screen and all things being equal I'd probably rather play these games there. But the Vita version of the second game costs just as much or more (if you want the Asia-only English physical cart release) and I can't justify that for what you get (games with decent if somewhat cliche cyberworld stories but very simple RPG gameplay), so I got this. I don't regret buying that Vita version though.

Tower Toppler - Atari 7800 - $23, complete in box, from ebay. I know this game is ... extremely frustrating and not good; I have the Game Boy version, which is called Castelian. I got this anyway. It is nice looking for the 7800 at least, with the rotating tower.
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So I decided, it is finally the time... yes, here it is, the list of import games I bought between November and March!

Now, I listed some imports in one post, here: Specifically, I listed all of the Wonderswan systems and games I had gotten up to that point. I then also listed the few other games I got a few months later. Some of those games were purchased in these boxes I am listing here, and others were separate single purchases. After some thought I decided to list them again, since they were purchased with these and such, but note that these are not second copies of those games, they're the same one as before.

So I spent a lot here, and in additon to the Wonderswans I got one other import Japanese console as well, one I spent quite a bit more on than the Wonderswan. It's not a good system, but then again the Wonderswan isn't really either, unfortunately; Bandai was never a very good publisher. The other one... I got the somewhat infamous, and not very good, PC-FX. Yeah, really. I have not used it a lot since, but it does a few things well and the system looks pretty nice so I don't regret buying it. Plus, with COVID, it was the perfect time to import -- getting stuff from Japan now is very difficult, I'm glad I got stuff when I could!

I am sorting this by the date each box arrived, by platform within that. The PC-FX itself is at the very bottom, I started buying games for it several months before I finally bought a console.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho (J) 3DO Complete $8.50 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Boundary Gate: Daughter of Kingdom (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $15 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Joy Mech Fight (J) NES Complete $11 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Shinseki GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the Infinity 4 (J) PlayStation 2, PS2 Complete $3 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Groove On Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku (J) Saturn, SS Disc and Manual (no case) $41 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Saturn Bomberman (J) Saturn, SS Complete $9.50 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Sengoku Blade (J) Saturn, SS Complete $73.00
Shippuu Mahou Daisakusen: Kingdom Grandprix (J) Saturn, SS Complete $57.00
Strikers 1945 (J) Saturn, SS Complete $30.00
X-Men vs. Street Fighter (J) Saturn, SS Disc in Generic Case $8 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Super Bomberman 3 (J) Super NES, SNES Complete $5.50 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Zenki: Rettou Raiden (J) Super NES, SNES Cart Only $7.10 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Bomberman: Panic Bomber (J) TurboGrafx-CD, TCD Complete $2.25 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Moto Roader MC (J) TurboGrafx-CD, TCD Complete $10.55 + 1/12th of $51 shipping
Seirei Senki Spriggan (J) TurboGrafx-CD, TCD Complete $56.00

Takeru (J) 3DO Complete $4 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Fighting Vipers 2 (J) Dreamcast, DC Complete $16 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Can Can Bunny Extra DX (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $11.50 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Tingle no Balloon Fight DS (J) Nintendo DS, NDS Complete $8 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
XII Stag (J) [aka XIIZeal] PlayStation 2, PS2 Complete $15 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Robbit mon Dieu (J) [Jumping Flash 3] PlayStation, PSX, PS1 Complete $4.35 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Clockwork Knight: Peperouchou no Daibouken Gekkan (J) [Clockwork Knight 2] Saturn, SS Complete $5 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Mr. Heli no Daibouken (J) TurboGrafx-16, TG16 Complete $29.01 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Mamono Hunter Yohko 2: Tooki Yobigoe (J) TurboGrafx-CD, TCD Complete $10 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Virtual Fishing (J) Virtual Boy, VB Complete $46 + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
XI [sai] Little (J) WonderSwan Color, WSC (Color Only) Cart Only $11.50 for 3 game lot + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Gunpey (J) WonderSwan, WS Cart and Manual $11.50 for 3 game lot + 1/24th share of $105 shipping
Ochan no Oekaki Logic (J) WonderSwan, WS Cart Only $11.50 for 3 game lot + 1/24th share of $105 shipping

Ah! My Goddess (J) [Aa! Megami-Sama!] NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $25 for a 5 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Anime Freak FX Vol. 4 (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $25 for a 5 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Fire Woman Matoi-Gumi (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $25 for a 5 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Megami Paradise II (J) [Megami Tengoku II] NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $25 for a 5 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari: Shuugaku Ryokou (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $25 for a 5 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Chaos Control Remix (J) Saturn, SS Complete $10 for a 7 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Falcom Classics (J) Saturn, SS Complete $13 for an 8 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Falcom Classics II (J) Saturn, SS Complete $13 for an 8 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Koden Koureijutsu Hyaku Monogatari ~Hontoni Atta Kowai Hanashi~ (J) Saturn, SS Complete $5.00
Magical Drop III:"Toretate Zoukangou!" (J) Saturn, SS Complete $13 for an 8 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Making of Nightruth, The (J) Saturn, SS Complete (with spine card) $10 for a 7 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Ochige Designer Tsukutte Pon! (J) Saturn, SS Complete (with spine card) $10 for a 7 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Ragnagard (J) (aka Shin-Oh-Ken) Saturn, SS Complete $13 for an 8 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
SEGA Touring Car Championship (J) Saturn, SS Complete $10 for a 7 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Space Invaders: The Original Game (J) Saturn, SS Complete $13 for an 8 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Suiku Enbu: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (J) (US: Dark Legend) Saturn, SS Complete (with spine card) $10 for a 7 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Tactics Formula (J) Saturn, SS Complete $10 for a 7 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Virtua Fighter Kids (J) Saturn, SS Complete (with spine card) $10 for a 7 game lot + 1/22nd share per game of $96 shipping
Marchen Maze (J) TurboGrafx-16, TG16 Complete $45 + 1/22nd share of $96 shipping
Densha de GO! (J) [Let's Go by Train!] WonderSwan, WS Complete $8 + 1/22nd share of $96 shipping
Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousen Sha (J) [Mega Man & Bass WS] WonderSwan, WS Complete $60 + 1/22nd share of $96 shipping

Cutey Honey FX (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $45 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping
Power Dolls FX: Detachment of Limited Line Service (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $20 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping
Team Innocent: The Point of No Return "G.C.P.O.SS" Saki/Lilis/Ariel (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $16 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Oki FX (J) (aka Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki FX) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $9 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping
Championship Rally (J) TurboGrafx-CD, TCD Complete $30 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping
One Piece Grand Battle: Swan Colosseum (J) WonderSwan Color, WSC (Color Only) Complete $10 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping
Kakutou Ryouri Densetsu Bistro Recipe: Wonder Battle Hen (aka Bistro Recipe) (J) WonderSwan, WS Complete $8 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping
Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum (J) WonderSwan, WS Cart Only $20 + 1/8th share of $51 shipping

Battle Heat (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $18 + 1/7th share of $45 shipping
Arkanoid II (J) NES Cart Only $2 for a 4 game lot + 1/7th share of $45 shipping for the lot
Exed Exes (J) NES Cart Only $2 for a 4 game lot + 1/7th share of $45 shipping for the lot
Mappy (J) NES Cart Only $2 for a 4 game lot + 1/7th share of $45 shipping for the lot
Tetris (J) (aka Tetris (BPS)) NES Cart Only $2 for a 4 game lot + 1/7th share of $45 shipping for the lot
Last Legion UX (J) Nintendo 64, N64 Cart Only $20 + 1/5th share of $33 shipping
Bokan to Ippatsu Doronboo (J) (aka Time Bokan Series: Bokan to Ippatso! Doronbo) PlayStation, PSX, PS1 Complete $10 + 1/7th share of $45 shipping
Tokyo Mew Mew (J) PlayStation, PSX, PS1 Complete $4.25 + 1/7th share of $45 shipping
Virtua Racing Deluxe (J) Sega 32X, 32X Complete $23.50 + 1/7th share of $45 shipping
Power Drift (J) TurboGrafx-16, TG16 Complete $25 + 1/7th share of $45 shipping
S.C.I.: Special Criminal Investigation (J) TurboGrafx-16, TG16 Complete $20 + 1/7th share of $45 shipping
Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers (J) WonderSwan / WonderSwan Color, WSC (Dual Mode) Cart Only $20 for a 4 game lot + 1/5th share of $33 shipping
Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit (J) WonderSwan Color, WSC (Color Only) Cart Only $20 for a 4 game lot + 1/5th share of $33 shipping
Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley (J) WonderSwan Color, WSC (Color Only) Cart Only $20 for a 4 game lot + 1/5th share of $33 shipping
Digital Monsters: D Project (J) [aka Digimon: DProject) WonderSwan Color, WSC (Color Only) Cart Only $20 for a 4 game lot + 1/5th share of $33 shipping
Inuyasha: Kagome no Yume Nikki (J) WonderSwan Color, WSC (Color Only) Complete $8 + 1/5th share of $33 shipping
Chaos Gear: Michibi Kareshi Mono (J) WonderSwan, WS Complete $8 + 1/5th share of $33 shipping
Sennou Millenium (J) WonderSwan, WS Complete $11 + 1/5th share of $33 shipping

Curse (J) Genesis, Gen Cart Only $8.99 + 1/3rd share of $27 shipping
Kishin Doujin Zenki FX (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $587.89 + 1/3rd share of $27 shipping
Goemon Shin Sedai Shuumei! (J) [Goemon New Age] PlayStation, PSX, PS1 Complete $35 + 1/3rd share of $27 shipping

Dennou Hyouryuu: Multimedia Cruising (J) 3DO Complete (with spine card) $22 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Furai no Shiren Gaiden: Onna Kenshi Asuka Kenzan! (J) [Shiren the Wanderer Sidestory: Female Warrior Asuka Arrives!] Dreamcast, DC Complete (with spine card) $12.50 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
After Burst (J) Game Boy, GB Cart Only $5.70 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Anime Freak FX Vol. 2 (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $20 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Anime Freak FX Vol. 3 (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $15 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Blue Breaker: Ken Yorimo Hohoemi o (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete (with spine card) $10 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Voice Paradise (J) NEC PC-FX, PCFX Complete $8 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Airboarder 64 (J) Nintendo 64, N64 Complete $23 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Densha de GO! 64 (J) [Let's Go by Train! 64] Nintendo 64, N64 Complete $0.01 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Garou Densetsu Special (J) [Fatal Fury Special] TurboGrafx-CD, TCD Complete $11 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
Ganso Jajamaru-Kun (J) [The Original Jajamaru] WonderSwan, WS Cart and Protector Case Only $15 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
PC-FX Console PC-FX with box, manual, controller, system, av cables. $130 + 1/12th share of $150 shipping [including a console]
PC-FX Controller PC-FX came with system

After this, I definitely had spent too much on this stuff so I stopped spending as much for a while. Additionally COVID was getting worse, and I started worrying about shipping, particularly for things from Japan. And indeed, the last two games I bought, a couple of Wonderswan games I bought in mid March, took two months to arrive, as I said in this thread when the finally got here in May (it was Final Lap 2000 and a couple other games). By that point I was just glad they showed up at all! I will buy more PC-FX games eventually, but it looks like it'll be a while. That's okay. A lot of those games aren't teh kinds of games I'd enjoy that much... though there are other PCFX games I would like that I don't have, so there are some to look forward to.

So of all these games, how many have I actually played in the months since? Uh... some. And not lots of others. For instance, of the PC-FX stuff I have only played a handful of the games, beyond Zenki of course which I played through, you don't spend that kind of money and then just put it on the shelf. I know that was a very expensive game, but it's something I had wanted for a long time, ever since I first heard of it in the '00s, and it's a really awesome one to finally have in my collection. Sure, the game is short and easy and thus is TERRIBLE value for the money, but at least it's pretty fun while it lasts, it is a quality game. And if you look online at prices, I got a pretty good price for this game, it's selling for at least $840 now. COVID has caused a lot of classic game prices to go up after all so that's not surprising, but it is true.

As for the PC-FX, it is a system that is very good at animated FMV and not very good at anything else, so someone like me with limited Japanese knowledge and also limited interest in the kinds of games it is best at, such as adventure games and FMV fighters? It's not a good fit to say the least. I like anime, sure, but not visual novels or FMV games, particularly ones that mostly in a language I don't know much of. But of course I knew all of this going in, so I'm not complaining, just saying 'yes I know, this was a questionable purchase but I got it anyway'. I really like the TurboGrafx/PC Engine, so looking at its successor, even if it was a disastrous failure of one that bet heavily on FMV as the industry went polygonal, is quite interesting. NEC and Hudson sure messed up badly with their thinking behind this one.
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So I have another more expensive purchases to talk about, or should I say admit to, and I actually fixed a certain broken, expensive other thing from last year.

Let's go in chronological order in terms of purchases, I guess.

So, in June 2019, I got an Atari Jaguar. I mentioned it in a post last December. I said then that the laser broke fairly quickly, and that was true. I didn't mention that I actually bought a replacement laser for it some time later in 2019, but with my somewhat irrational fear of soldering (even though I do have a soldering iron kit now...) I never finished installing it, as I thought soldering was required.

But the laser was dead, so I decided to look up repair. Fortunately, there is a site online leading you through exactly how to replace a Jag CD laser, with pictures. I bought a replacement laser, it's the Phillips VAM1202 and is very easy to find new on ebay. Howver, the VAM1202, while mostly identical to the one in the Jaguar CD, has one difference -- the connector on its six-wire cable is a different width from the one on the Jag CD. You need to attach your original wire from the laser on your Jag CD to the six points on the new laser, then put it in this plastic/rubber housing and attach it to the system board. But that requires soldering which I still can't quite get myself to do, so I didn't do it. I did install the new laser into that plastic housing, though. Getting the old laser out was QUITE tricky to do without damaging the housing, so that was no easy feat! -- and... put the board back in the Jag CD, put the Jag CD next to my computer, and left it there for a year.

Occasionally I would have those thoughts, like, 'seriously, you spent over $400 on that thing, fix it!' And recently I finally decided to try. And then I had a revelation that I feel kind of dumb for not thinking of a year ago, because I should have -- I don't even need to solder! I mean, it'd be better if I did, but I don't need to. Actually all I need to do is just cut off the new laser's connector, tie the old wires to the new ones, and plug the old connector into the board. I have wire-strippers and electrical tape, so it should be fairly straightforward, and indeed it was. I just set the wire-stripper to the thickness of that wire, cut the wire midway, remove some of the sheathing from the wires on both the old and new lasers, take careful note of which color attaches to which (they are not the same), sort of wrap each wire together by twisting them together and such, and then wrap each connection with electrical tape.

So, I did that a few days ago. I wasn't expecting much; things I leave sitting around for that long usually end up dead, after all, like how my Turbo CD drive ended up needing a new board inside when it got repaired, probably because of me leaving it around. It was in the case, but I hadn't put any of the screws back in until the repair. Somehow I managed not to lose any of the screws, though; amazing, that! And I didn't know if the replacement laser worked, either. So I finished wrapping up all of the wires after binding them, put everything back together, put it in the Jaguar, plugged in its power supply and set it up, put in Blue Lightning as a good test game, plugged in my Memory Track save cart, and...

Black screen. I wasn't too worried though, I thought that maybe a cable had come out. And indeed it had, the s-video cable and one of the audio cables from the Jag had fallen out of the switch. With that problem solved, I turned it on again, turned it on, and...

The game booted up and worked perfectly. What. I actyually FIXED it? That's crazy! My Jaguar CD works now! I'm still kind of stunned... and yes, annoyed at myself for not doing this a year ago, but oh well, that's not too bad; it's not a system I was going to be using a lot anyway, certainly. The system even plays CD-Rs now, which it would not do last year as that laser was failing. There are some interesting freeware Jaguar homebrews, and I'm trying out some of them.

There is one problem, though -- I only have those three games, and the homebrews that are freeware are mostly fairly limited stuff. The other Jag CD games, both modern releases and classic, are mostly pretty expensive, and this issue has only gotten worse thanks to the great 2020 classic game price hike on ebay. Jag CD games always were expensive, but checking now? There are only two on ebay for less than $60! So wanting SOMETHING new but not wanting to spend that kind of money right now on top of everything else I've gotten recently, I got the cheap one even though it's a game I dislike. It arrived today, so now I have a new, still-sealed copy of Space Ace for Jaguar CD. It was $15. I will get more of the more expensive stuff later, including some of the post-discontinuation releases and homebrew games, and Battlemorph for certain.

What I like the most about the Jag CD, though, isn't the games, is Jeff Minter's VLM light synthesizer that is built in to the Jag CD. Now, of course, I'm on record as not liking music much. And light synthesizers? Some have neat effects, but they've never been something I care about too much. I rarely turn on visualizer windows in Winamp and such for example. But this one? This is the best visualizer ever! It's really, really cool, and is the Jag CD's main selling point for sure. All you do is put a music CD in and grab your Jag controller, and you're good! The keypad on the controller is actually really useful here -- you can directly switch to any of the 81 effects the VLM has directly, with a simple two-button entry. Most are just a visual effect, but nine are interactive. Being able to directly switch between 81 effects with quick button presses is fantastic and shows one of the few really good uses of the Jaguar's keypad; any other controller would have a much harder time matching this. Of course I have very few audio CDs to use this with since I don't care much about music, but I will definitely be using the VLM, no question. It's amazing.

But yeah, I'm still kind of stunned that the repair actually worked. I imagine this is not this Jag CD's final laser, with the known design issues it's likely this laser will eventually fail too, but at least replacements are plentiful and not too hard to install.

Meanwhile, in August 2020, I saw something interesting in a local shop one of the few times I've been in them this year. I saw a Commodore 64, complete in box, for $175. There was also a complete in box (with manual and everything) Commodore 1541 disk drive for $99, with a box of 24 ... backup ... disks from the collection of the person who had had the drive, full of lots of games. He also had four legit C64 games in their original boxes there, three in the EA record-style cases and one a similar foldout thing, for $25 to $48 each. I was interested, but didn't buy right away; that was a lot of money and I have spent a lot recently on games.

A few weeks later, though, on my birthday, I decided to go back and see if they were still there, and maybe buy. I brought a bag with me (it's about a half hour walk downtown), but not one big enough for both the system and disk drive. I was leaning towards getting all of it despite the cost, but still wasn't sure; for one thing, the original C64 is not the best model. Its power supply is infamously failure-prone, for example, and they can kill chips in the computer itself when they fail. The power supply in the disk drive also can fail, so using that as your main disk drive can be trouble. Also, there are good disk replacement options available now, to use USB or SD card disk images instead of the highly unreliable real 5.25" disks, namely the cheaper SD-based SD2IEC and the more expensive and more full-featured Ultimate II+ cart.

When I got there, I didn't see the system, but saw all the other stuff. The regular guy wasn't at the store either, the other person who works there who knows little about games was. After looking around for a while, I almost didn't buy anything, but then decided to buy the disk drive and the two $25 games, Russia: The Great War in the East 1941-1945 and EA's interesting-looking Gauntlet knockoff Demon Stalkers. Indeed, Demon Stalkers is what primarily sold me on the system; I love Gauntlet, and I'd never heard of this pretty interesting-looking clone! There is apparently also a PC version, but it's 4-color CGA, which would be an unpleasant thing to look at. (It turned out that the system had been moved into the store window, but neither of us noticed. It was for the best, and I'm still not sure if I would have bought the computer too or just do what I did and just get the drive... I thought it was unlikely that it had sold, since all the other stuff was still there, but didn't see it and was kind of relieved to not spend all that money straight out; online purchases through ebay can be paid over time with no interest with PayPal Credit, an offer I definitely take advantage of, but no such option exists for purchases in a store...) Regardless, I decided to wait on buying the other two games until later, after I decided what to do about a computer -- go back and ask the owner whether he still had that system somewhere, as seemed likely, or buy something better online.

Of course I couldn't use the games without a system, so after getting home I looked up options. To start, that day, I started out by ordering a XU1541, a homebrew PC USB adapter which you plug a Commodore disk drive in to on one end, and connects to your computer on the other. It's a bit tricky to install, as you need to manually install some software through the command line to get it to work, this is no plug-and-play USB device with automatic drivers, but I followed the instructions and figured it out. I found that the drive seems to work, to my relief. The XU1541 cost me $43 shipped, which is not cheap. Getting a SD2IEC would be a lot cheaper than a 1541 + XU1541, and wouldn't be reliant on real floppy disks either. A Ultimate II+ would probably be about the same price, but again you'd get the near-infinite space of USB there, not tiny double-density floppies. So yeah from a price standpoint, my choice to buy a 'this thing that lets me write real disks is my way of getting software from the internet to the Commodore I will buy' adapter is not a great one. I can't say I regret it though, because as much as I dislike floppy disks, they are part of the experience with a computer like this and I want to be able to use real hardware; otherwise, why not just emulate everything, after all? I will probably get an SD2IEC and/or Ultimate II+ (or the Rasperry Pi-based drive emulator solution, or several since they each do slightly different things; I'm not sure) later, but for now, real disks is fine.

As for a system, after looking at my options I ended up picking... the very most expensive one, for some reason. Yes, I did not get that C64 at the store, or another one like it. Instead, even though it has almost no software worth mentioning that wouldn't run just fine on a C64, I got a Commodore 128D (the US DCR model). It was $410 shipped, which is a resonable price for one, for the computer with a power cord and keyboard. Yeah. The Commodore 128 was the C64's failed successor, and it is fully backwards compatible but has some additional hardware that very few games use, and an added higher resolution graphics mode that mostly only productivity software and some text adventures made use of. The high-res mode also requires a separate video output cable that uses RGB, so you can't just hook it up to a TV without conversion like you can the regular low-res output from the system. Yeah, this thing is kind of a mess.

The 128D has an internal disk drive instead of the previous requirements for an external one, and an internal power supply too, much more modern so it's not going to destroy the system unlike the original C64. As for that external keyboard, it is quite nice that it has a cable so you don't need to sit right in front of the machine like you do with, say, my TI99/4A, but the cord is EXTREMELY short -- it's two feet long at most, and being a 25-pin serial cable (with no screws on the ends to hold on a regular serial cable), it's not exactly easy to just grab an extender. Still, being able to put the keyboard in my lap instead of reaching up to built-in keys is a nice feature I quite like, it's the main advantage of the 128D, no other C64s have external keyboards. The keyboard was not reported as tested, but it mostly works. Unfortunately the D key is very sticky and often sticks down when you press it in. I tried taking it off and cleaning it, but that didn't help. Fortunately everything else seems to work; the spacebar was also pretty bad at first, but removing the key and cleaning under it helped a lot with that one. I got a key puller ($6.73) to help me get those keys out, they are harder to remove than PC keyboard keys without one. It's a nice thing to have regardless. Otherwise the computer is in good working order and seems to run perfectly, its internal 1571 disk drive included. That is very nice.

Additionally, I got a few more accessories from ebay -- for $22, I got a Commodore 64/128 S-Video cable; I have a compatible composite cable, which looks impressively sharp, but s-video looks even better. For $27 from ebay, I got two Commodore 64 controller adapters that let you use a Sega Genesis controller on your C64. The port shape is the same, but while the C64 natively will work with C64, Amiga, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, and Sega Master System controllers (the latter two with one button only, since the C64 only supports one button), the Genesis pad's additional buttons use additional hardware and you do NOT want to plug them into a C64, it may damage the system apparently. With an adapter like this you fix those issues, and the Genesis controller is one of the best ever, very dramatically better than Atari 2600 or 7800 or SMS controllers in my book. Plus, with this adapter you can use a mode where Up is mapped to ab utton, making the C64's platformers much, MUCH more playable! Up to Jump is standard in (mostly European) games on these one-button computers like the C64, Atari ST, and Amiga, but with this you can fix that problem and map up to a button. Awesome option. And for $42, I got a box of 50 DSDD floppy disks, the format that the C64/128 requires -- you need smaller-capacity double density disks, not the high density disks a PC 5.25" drive uses. This box also came with a second box with 8 DSHD disks in it, if I ever want some homemade PC 5.25" floppy disks. I did not have any blank 5.25" disks of either density, since back in the '90s we had only bought 3.5" disks for our use and not the older 5.25" disks, so I could not do much with this computeru ntil this box arrived, and it took a while -- shipping got held up and it took over a week, which was kind of frustrating since everything else was here and working, but I was still waiting for the disks that would let me use most of it. Oh well, they showed up eventually.

I also went back to the local place a few weeks later, and was pointed out the system in the window. I was glad I had missed it before, since I got a better system instead. I did buy the other two games while I was there, getting me The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, Volume I complete for $31.50, and Legacy of the Ancients complete for $44. Both are 5.25" disk games. Additionally, at another local place I bought their one C64-related thing, a loose cart C64 cartridge copy of Congo Bongo for $3. The games and stuff all seem to work, impressively. Some of the disks don't work first try, so they may be failing, but they do read.

Unfortunately, due to poor design on Commodore's part, a C64/128 does not easily support multiple disk drives. The internal drive in the 128D is mapped to drive 8, and this cannot be permanently changed unless you hard-mod the system. You can, through some code, temporarily change the number or disable it, but that only lasts until power off. The 1541 disk drive I have also is hard-mapped to device 8, with no way to change it apart from taking the drive apart and cutting a certain wire. A deveice 8/9 switch was apparently a popular mod to C64 disk drives, and I get why. But even if you do that, apparently many games only run correctly from device 8. So, for things like the SD2IEC or Ultimate II+, that internal drive is a big problem; you need to either disable it through software each time or hard-mod the system to get lots of software to run right through the flash or SD card-based drive options, with this model. What a pain! You would never have problems like this with an Apple or PC from that same era, they all were designed with multiple disk drives in mind. Commodore was cheap and aimed this at people without enough money for an Apple Ii or a PC, and it shows with hassles like this. You can't even copy a disk from one drive to another on a C64 through the system's internal built-in Basic commands! Yes, the only kind of disk copy option available is for you to do it with ONE drive, swapping disks back and forth over and over and over as you wait the tediously long time for it to finally copy everything over. It's pretty bad design. I am sure there is a software solution that allows disk copying, but it should be there in the OS, particularly in this later, more powerful successor! The 128D adds a few nice new Basic commands, I have learned, such as an easy Directory listing, but not disk copying. Anyway, for now I will just leave it as it is since with my current real-disk based setup everything works perfectly, but I'm not sure what I'll do longer-term, once I decide to upgrade to the flash options someday; if I want them to work I'll need to see if I can figure out a mod or something. I do not regret getting this model though, the external keyboard is great and this also is a lot easier to power. See, C64 disk drives require their own power supply, so I'd need two power outlets for the two systems if I had a regular C64 or C128 with external drive. I am quite low on outlets at the moment, so having something that has both in one, with only one outlet, is fantastic. Having the drive internal is also nice, it looks better and saves space. The 128D's more modern computer look is great, the classic all-in-one look the C64 has also works but I do think I prefer the more "modern computer" look of the 128D. I know that paying twice as much money for mostly the same result (playing C64 games), with an added hassle this device number problem adds, and without many of the 128's added features over the C64 since they were mostly aimed at business users in a failed attempt to slow down IBM PC adoption at home and not gaming, but I think the benefits of this model outweigh the drawbacks. Seriously, the 'I can move the keyboard around" advantage is huge.

As for future purchases, there is one more that I absoltuely must get, as soon as I can -- a fast loader. See, the C64 is infamous for having insanely, absurdly, unacceptably slow disk load speeds. For various reasons they messed things up bad, and the C64 has the slowest disk drive probably ever. However, fast-load cartridges exist which can dramatically speed up loading, and I need to get one. The SD/USB drive options all have limited to full fast-load support, but for now I'd rather go with a cheaper and more original choice and just get an Epyx Fast Load cartridge. It speeds up loading times up to 5x faster than stock and they're cheap, sub-$30 things. Farther off, there are lots of upgrades you can do for this -- the three SD/USB loader options I have mentioned, replacement chips to go in the system to add more functionality (JiffyDOS is one that sounds useful, and the one that makes the Ultimate II+ work better with a C128, since it has serious issues otherwise outside of C64 mode), and such. But that is for probably much later (likely not this year), this is more than enough for now. I also may get a disk notcher, to be able to use the other sides of disks I write on the 1541 more easily than "try to punch out the right part with a hole punch". (The other can of worms to consider getting into sometime is a digital RGB monitor or adapter so I can use the 80 column mode, for the few games that use that. Not now, that setup is expensive!)

So let's sum up all of the C64 purchases.

1541 disk drive, complete in box with manual, and 24 C64-format disks, in a 5.25" disk case, full of ... backup ... games - $100
Four CIB 5.25" disk games - Demon Stalkers, $25; Russia: The Great War in the East, 1941-1945, $25; The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, Volume I, $31.50; Legacy of the Ancients, $44.
One cartridge C64 game, Congo Bongo, $3, cart only.
C64/128 s-video cable, $22.
Box of 50 DSDD disks for the C64/128, plus 8 DSHD disks for a PC - $43
Commodore 128DCR (US model) computer with keyboard, $410
XU1541 C64/128 drive to PC adapter, $43
Two 64JPX adapters, $26.50 (Purple model, but with no SNES adapter so they're only for Genesis controllers, which is fine with me, that's what I wanted to use with it.)

So yeah that adds up to quite a bit, but it's a pretty interesing thing so I don't mind it, particularly when the big expense, the C128D itself, is on one of those 'you have a year to pay it off with no interest' PayPal payment plans. The C64 has a vast game library that I have very little experience with, it's definitely a piece of gaming history I know little about but should get to know a lot better.

And finally and at a lot less cost, last month I also bought a few other games from ebay for another system I got last year, the CD-i. These all arrived in late August.

CD-i, games from ebay
Mega Maze - $12, complete (jewelcase and slipcover) - This is a tricky puzzle game. Some good ideas here, too bad there's no ingame music and saving is password only.
TR-I: No World Order - $12, jewelcase (complete I think). This is a mostly-electronic music album with graphics that you can customize as it plays with the controller. Unique early interactive-music thing.
International Tennis Open, Two Player Edition - $15, complete jewelcase with slipcover. I have the one player version of this game already, but this two player edition, as the name suggests, added a two-player mode. This is the rarer green-background version of the box, most have a blue backdrop.
The Wacky World of Miniature Golf starring Steven Levy - $24, complete (jewelcase and slipcover). This game is a FMV minigolf game with voice from comedian Steven Levy, perhaps most famous as the dad in American Pie (some years after this).
Mystic Midway: Phantom Express - $13, complete (jewelcase and slipcover). This second Mystic Midway game is a lot more ambitious than the first, it is a FMV rail shooting/navigating game, somewhat in the style of Loadstar or Sewer Shark. (I do not have the first Mystic Midway game, the carnival target-shooting game Rest in Pieces. I'll get it someday.)
Kether - $9, complete jewelcase with slipcover. Kether is an interesting early FMV game. It's one part FMV dodging game, basically a FMV rail shooter but without a gun so you just need to avoid stuff coming at you, and one part tricky and frustrating weird puzzle game with a series of tough logic puzzles to figure out. This kind of game only could have been made in the early '90s, it's classic stuff for the era.

These six titles are all pretty interesting stuff, though I still don't have the CD-i game I most want, The Apprentice, which is probably the system's best platformer. It costs more... I'll get it eventually though.
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So what have i been doing since my last post in this thread? Saving up for next-gen stuff?

HAH! No, of course not. I've been buying quite a bit of stuff, of course. So here's the list. Note that this starts with a couple of digital purchases from late August because I forgot to mention them in my last few posts.

First, some super cheap on sale digital Switch games that I got for pennies with Gold points.

Pocket Mini Golf Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 08/23/20 On Sale Free with Nintendo Gold Points (would have been >$1)
Funny Bunny Adventures Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 08/24/20 On Sale Free with Nintendo Gold Points (would have been >$1)
Earthworms Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/10/20 On Sale $0.01
Overlanders Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/10/20 On Sale Free with Nintendo Gold Points (would have been >$1)
Swamps and Traps Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/10/20 On Sale Free with Nintendo Gold Points (would have been >$1)

Next... this is from ebay. So I know I've bought a lot of things recent-ish, but when I saw this go up on ebay I couldn't refuse... and it was a great choice! Someone who either had no idea what they had or didn't care and just wanted to get rid of it for well under value put an Odyssey 2 up on ebay for $119 including shipping. Untested. Why is that crazy? I mean, I have an O2 already; it has issues and rarely turns on now since its power connection port came loose inside, but I'm sure that's fixable without too much effort.

But this one? Well, it was in its original box, with The Voice unit which sells for quite a bit now on ebay, two power supplies (the original one and the one with a slightly higher output, better for The Voice), and six complete-in-box games: three I have - Sid the Spellbinder, Quest for the Rings (in slightly better condition than my old copy), and Speedway/Spinout/Cryptologic, and three games I didn't have - Dynasty (they call it "based on Go", but it's actually Reversi/Othello), Smithereens, and Computer Intro, a fairly unique if mostly useless "learn to program a basic form of O2 Assembly" program.

And did it work? Well, as I expected, mostly yes. The Voice seems to work great; occasionally voice lines cut off oddly early, but it's clearly working. The system and its keyboard work great as well, and look good, better than my old O2. It does have one issue, though -- the right controller, which is mostly the player two controller to be clear (the left controller is controller one), has two broken directions -- left and down don't work at all. That's unfortunate. I'll have to take the system apart and swap one of the controllers from my old system into this one, I hope that fixes the issue (presuming it's an issue in the controller, we'll see). Regardless, for an untested system it's great Phillips Magnavox made their stuff well! Very good build quality from them, O2 stuff mostly still works.

I have not disassembled the systems yet as this one is mostly working since most games use the working controller. The Voice is so cool... Type & Tell is one of the most impressive console releases of its generation, seriously. You type on the keyboard and it speaks the things you type out loud on The Voice. Anything you type, it says. It is a true speech synthesizer. The Voice doesn't send audio output to your tv, if you don't know. it has a speaker on the voice unit. with a volume slider. it's pretty loud so I have it up only halfway, how loud do you need when this system is going to be just a few feet away from you given the system's short controller cord lengths? Additionally, the full color flow charts in the Computer Intro book showing how registers connect to the various other computer parts are nice and easy to follow. Of course there is no way to save your programs, which is why I called it fairly useless, but it's pretty interesting to see the level of effort they went into the documentation. This is an assembly programmer too, not just Basic. What you can do is apparently limited though.

Computer Intro! Odyssey2/Videopac, O2 09/21/20 from ebay Complete bundle with system, 3 games, and The Voice unit for $120
Dynasty! Odyssey2/Videopac, O2 09/21/20 from ebay Complete bundle with system, 3 games, and The Voice unit for $120
Smithereens! Odyssey2/Videopac, O2 09/21/20 from ebay Complete bundle with system, 3 games, and The Voice unit for $120
Also of course I got the system, with its original box. The system is the same model as my other one. It has the box, but no hardware manuals, and no styrofoam or whatever was in the box, it's just a loose box. Still it's incredibly cool looking, Magnavox had the best artists! It, of course, also came with The Voice add-on, and both power supplies, both the original one and the slightly power-increased one designed for The Voice. The VOice doesn't come with its box or manual though, ones being sold with those go for much more.

After that, I got a bunch of digital 3DS and Switch games on 9/25 and 9/26. Here they are.

Bit Dungeon Plus Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop) 09/25/20 On Sale $1.27
Blaster Master Zero 2 Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/25/20 On Sale $6.00
Blaster Master Zero 2 - DLC Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) - DLC 09/25/20 On Sale $2.00
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/25/20 On Sale $10.97
Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/25/20 On Sale $6.00
Super Bit Blaster XL Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/25/20 On Sale Free with Nintendo Gold Points (would have been >$1)
Windmill Kings Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 09/25/20 On Sale Free with Nintendo Gold Points (would have been >$1)
Silver Falls - 3 Down Stars Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop) 09/26/20 On Sale $19.19
WordHerd Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop) 09/26/20 On Sale $0.71

I got one digital X1 game too; well, I got DLC for it really. I already had Forza Horizon 3, but before it got delisted (for car rights licensing reasons) they reduced the price, and I decided to get it in order to get a lot more cars for the game. It's a good game, so why not? Can't get these anymore after all, not for this game...

Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition Xbox One, XONE - DD 09/27/20 On Sale $21.00

These I got at a local place a few days ago. Golden Axe: The Duel's a very interesting find, sure the game isn't the best but this price is actually very good -- this game is over $80 now on ebay! And as someone who is definitely a Golden Axe fan, at least of the beat 'em ups, this GOlden Axe fighting game was a must have at some point. I'm happy to have it.

Golden Axe: The Duel Saturn, SS 09/27/20 Complete $57.00
Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth - Infinite Combate Nintendo Switch, NS Complete $30.00
Jagged Alliance (DS) Nintendo DS, NDS 09/27/20 Cart Only $4.00
Revolution X Saturn, SS 09/27/20 Complete $10.00

For som reason, I decided that my yearly Master System purchase wouldn't be some cheap American game, but instead some pricier European ones. So, I got these four games (three of which I have on Game Gear already, and one digitally too, on Wii VC), plus one Genesis (Megadrive) import game while I was at it because that's a game I very much have wanted for a long time. I am definitely excited to have that Genesis game.

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (8-bit) (E) Master System, SMS 09/30/20 from ebay, European import Complete $35.00
Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96 (E) Genesis, Gen 09/30/20 from ebay, European import Complete $40.00
Scramble Spirits (E) Master System, SMS 09/30/20 from ebay, European import Complete $30.00
Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit) (E) Master System, SMS 09/30/20 from ebay, European import Complete $34.00
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit) (E) Master System, SMS 09/30/20 from ebay, European import Complete $28.00

This one I bought digitally today, great price for this interesting game.

Killer Queen Black Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop) 10/02/20 On Sale $2.00

These games I bought locally today. The Virtual Boy game was a pretty cool find! They had a few other games too, but they were games I had already.

Elder Scrolls IV, The: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition PC 10/02/20 Complete $2.00
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Genesis, Gen 10/02/20 Cart Only $5.00
Spider-Man Atari 2600, 2600 10/02/20 Cart Only $6.00
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D Nintendo 3DS, 3DS 10/02/20 Complete $5.00
Virtual League Baseball Virtual Boy, VB 10/02/20 Complete $23.00
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I saw some somewhat interesting NES games a couple of days ago and got these five. Also, another PS1 light gun and light gun game...

American Gladiators NES 10/03/20 Cart Only $7.00
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum NES 10/03/20 Cart in Sleeve $2.00
Caveman Games NES 10/03/20 Cart Only $8.00
Mafat Conspiracy, The NES 10/03/20 Cart Only $6.00
Pirates! (Sid Meier's) NES 10/03/20 Cart Only $7.50

Last Rebellion PlayStation 3, PS3 10/03/20 Complete $24.00

Point Blank 2 PlayStation, PSX, PS1 10/03/20 Complete $34.00 (this is a Guncon light gun game)

And for $5 I got a real Namco Guncon (1), the original PS1 one, in PS1 grey. I probably don't need this because I have a Guncon 2 (though you cannot use that for PS1 games, it's PS2 only) and a couple of third-party PS1 light guns (one which is pretty much junk, and one which is better and supports both the Namco Guncon 1 and the Konami Justifier modes. And the PS1's light gun game selection is not exactly the greatest, the Saturn's light gun games are a lot better. Still, it was cheap and is an interesting thing, and probably will work better than those third-party ones do.
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So, I got several things from ebay recent-ish, two I forgot to mention previously and one new one.

First, arriving on Sept. 20, I got an Epyx Fast Load cartridge for Commodore 64, with an Epyx game demo preview disk.  Some kind of fast loader is absolutely essential with the C64, and with this my 'run real games on real disks' system is pretty much complete.  The Fastload cart does boot the system straight into 64 mode, so I can't use 128 mode on this 128D with it, but 128 mode has faster disk speeds than 64 mode anyway, so I'd just remove the cart for any 128 software I may get in the future.  The speed difference is dramatic.  (It's probably a bit like going from an Xbox One to an Xbox Series system... heh.)

Second, for $15 and arriving on Sept. 28, I got a TI Silver Link USB cable, a PC-to-TI graphing calculator cable for my TI 83+ calculator I have from back in highschool and college.  I never did use the thing a lot; I mostly just used it for a few math classes in highschool and my first year of college and that's it.  I only had two games on it, Snake and some other thing I never played, and never got the (then serial port-based) PC cable to load other stuff onto the thing; I rightly thought of it as being pretty seriously inferior to my Game Boy Color.  And now that I can load anything TI83+ compatible onto it... well, this feels like kind of a waste of money, because so far almost nothing functions. I've tried a bunch of stuff, some for alternate loaders and some you should be able to boot from the system, but almost nothing works.  I managed to get one iffy version of Flappy Bird to load and that's it.  Yeah.  I've given up for the moment, maybe I'll try some more another time but there's got to be something I am missing that explains why nothign else works... whatever though, it's a neat novelty but certainly not a great games platform.  Good calculator, yes.  But as a games machine?  With no audio and a super-slow-to-update screen, not so much.  Also, I'd think things would actually load when you boot them, but... nope.  Oh well, at least the cable didn't cost too much.

And third, and last for now from ebay, for $50 I got a transparent green edition Xbox One Duke controller, the remake of the original Xbox controller for the X1.  These, the green ones in particular, seem to be going up in price so I decided to get one while it's still easy enough to find in good condition.  So far I definitely like the controller, it is a very faithful recreation of the original Xbox controller that I quite like, but working on a modern PC or Xbox One natively and with added second shoulder buttons that duplicate the Black and White buttons.  It's good stuff.

And last, this one goes back a few months.  I mentioned I got a new Atari 7800 a few months ago.  Soon after getting it, I bought a copy of the system's most impressive and probably best homebrew game, Ricki & Vicki.   It was $60 ($almost $55 after shipping) and I bought it in mid August. The game is available here, he's down to only 25 copies remaining and will not be printing more because demand was low, so get a copy now if you have a 7800!  It's worth it.  (There is also a much cheaper version on Steam which is the same game, but with one improvement over the much more expensive cart release, it has saving.  The 7800 version doesn't save, not even passwords; that's the one bad thing I will say about it.  I think getting the cart is very worth it anyway, though.) 

I didn't mention this purchase at the time because it had a problem -- the game didn't work at all.  When I turned on the system, all I saw was a black screen.  So, I contacted the guy behind the game about it on email and in the AtariAge thread about the game, and being interested in the issue he asked me to mail him my 7800 console and copy of the game, for testing and possible repair, as a warranty service for just the sot of shipping.  I said yes and sent it out last month.  After investigation, he found that this system I got only a couple of months ago had a LONG list of issues!  The mod was not installed well at all, and solder blobs had shorted things and were killing the power regulator.  This was why Ricki & Vicki wouldn't load, it uses more power than other games due to its added audio chip and mapper inside the cart.  Additionally, on top of fixing the regulator and the solder shorts, he replaced two capacitors, replaced the socket that the TIA chip was in since the one the modder used was cheap and the chip was apparently coming out of the board sometimes after the system was on for a few hours (!), and re-hooked up audio on the RF line, with some resistors as are needed, so the RF port works again.  I will get back to this.  All just for about $20 in shipping the system both ways.  Yeah, it was somewhat crazy generous, that kind of repair as a warranty service for a totally working cart (the problem was my console, not the game, after all)'s kind of nuts!  Really nice, though.  And on top of that, he actually gave me some free stuff when he sent it back -- he sent me some things he doesn't even sell, he only has the hardware design and electronic schematic plans for on his website -- two adapters to use Master System or Genesis controllers on a 7800, with both buttons working.  They are amazing and if someone was selling these I would highly recommend them, the 7800 controller is usable but being able to use a Genesis controller is very dramatically better!  He said they were extra ones but still, yeah, that was very nice.  One is hooked up to my 7800 right now.

The system still has one issue, however -- it may be mechanically fixed now, but the mod used has a faulty design in one respect, audio on the cartridge input (that is, for games that use added audio chips in the carts, as R&V does, or Ballblazer to mention an original 7800 game with added audio that I have) has an extremely low volume when output through the AV jack.  This problem is particularl ybad on my system; on my Philips CRT TV, with any game other than Ballblazer or R&V, about 35% gets good audio levels.  This is a bit louder than ideal for consoles other than the 7800, but it's not too bad, a volume I can mostly leave the TV at (which is good, the thing has a round dial on it for volume and channel and it's hard to change the volume without also changing the channel.  And the remote's no help because the volume buttons on it are broken.).  However, with R&V or Ballblazer?  I need to about DOUBLE the TV volume to 60% before I can hear anything beyond the faintest whisper!  And that's way too loud, the sound on the TV does not sound right turned up that high, I don't think.  Apparently cartridge-enhanced-audio volumes here vary signifiicantly from one system to another, based on the way the mod was installed and the particulars of the system, but on this one it's incredibly quiet. Apparently this is how all of the 7800 AV mods now work, and this is really something the mod creators should work on.

However, if you connect the system via that now-reattached RF connector?  The video image quality is absurdly horrible beyond even my worst expectations, I could never use this system looking like that, but audio is nice and loud from both console and cart with no issues; the mod's problem is only in the mod, and not in the system's primary output itself.  So, my solution to this problem is with yet more hardware -- I ordered (for $15) a Phillips RFU which is powered and has extra audio output jacks on it.  I should be able to get sound from that and graphics from the S-Video port on the console.  I will update again once that arrives but I hope that fiixes the problem.

As for the game, Ricki & Vicki is a very nice looking puzzle-platformer. Each stage is a single screen, with warping around the edges of the screen, and you need to figure out how to get all the items to advance to the next screen.  It's a fun challenge and the stages are different in one player and two player modes, adding to the replay value.  It's definitely good and better than your average homebrew game by a longshot.  The high-res graphics show off that rarely seen 7800 graphics mode, too, and they did a good job of disguising how few colors that mode allows you.
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So what gaming-related have I gotten in the past few weeks?

Well, not a huge amount, but... wait no, I kind of did get a bunch.  Forget that.

Starting with physical stuff.

Dark Arena - GBA - $6, cart only.  This is an okay FPS.  I actually got this back on October 8th, before my previous post, but forgot to mention it.

El Shadai: Acension to the Metatron - Xbox 360 - $7, complete
Fairytale Fights - Xbox 360 - $7, complete - These two I got recently, nice finds for cheap.  It's hard to find good 360 games I don't own yet but these were two of those! I got these two last Friday so they are the most recent game purchases on this list.

Additionally, I just received a few new surge protectors and HDMI switches that I ordered from Amazon for a little upgrade/replacement to add some more outlets and replace a failing HDMI switch.

And finally, for only $57, a couple of weeks ago (it actually arrived on the 16th, the day after my last post) I got... a region-modded, non-TMSS, Sega Genesis model 1!  This system has a hard mod with a switch, so it isn't the modern switchless mod, but I am quite fine with that.  What I wanted was a modded non-TMSS Genesis, and I now have one and it's awesome.  This system has a three-way switch on it, for NTSC US, NTSC Japan, and PAL modes.  The switch was put where the modem port usually is, so if I ever got a nearly useless Meganet Modem I wouldn't be able to plug it in since this system doesn't have taht port anymore.  This made me consider not getting this but... seriously, I have absolutely NO use for that modem and nor does next ot anyone else so oh well.  Addtionally, the modder did something else pretty cool -- the RF port has been replaced with a copy of the headphone jack.  So, you don't need to snake a cable around from the front of the console to hook up the Genesis 1's audio output to a Sega CD, you can just use this port on the back.  The headphone jack on the front also still works as well.

This added audio jack is important because as most people know, the Genesis 1's rear AV port only supports mono sound, not stereo; stereo sound only comes out of the headphone jack.  Additonally, and I had forgotten this, while the Genesis 2 will output sound from the console through the side Sega CD port so that you can use the Sega CD's audio output jacks without any issue, unfortunatley the Genesis 1 does not do this. Instead, even though it could, it only takes in the audio and video from the Sega CD, it doesn't also send audio back.  So, you need to use a male to male headphone mixing cable going from your headphone jack to your Sega CD's mixing input port, then you will atually get Genesis audio out of the SCD.  This is pretty stupid and a dumb omission of Sega's when they designed the model 1, they should have realized that audio output on the side would be important, but oh well.  It's worth it to get the better sound quality and full compatibility this console has -- this will play all gGenesis and Megadrive games with no issue.  Of course it won't play other-region Sega CD games or PAL 32X games, I wuold need to get those systems modded to play THOSE, but oh well; the SCD has workarounds (use backups that you change to your region) and there are only a couple of PAL-exclusive 32X games, though they would be neat to play sometime... oh well.  Of course sicne it's a non-TMSS model it will also run those early EA games that don't work on any other system.  I don't own any currently but definitely want Zany Golf now.

Oh, the reason this was so cheap-ish is probably that there is some cosmetic damage on the system.  There are some noticeable scratches on the top, and the end of the 6 from "16-BIT" is gone in the worst of them.  But since I have a 32X covering the top anyway this is a pretty minor issue as far as I'm concerned, how it works is more important and so far it has worked perfectly.

But other than better sound -- and yes I can tell the difference, the Genesis 2 sounds fine but this is better -- what does this get?  Well, it gets me able to play one game I own but could not previsouly use, my Japanese copy of Virtua Racing Deluxe for 32X.   Remember, it has a save chip in the cart so it saves your high scores, a HUGE deal in this game!  V.R. Deluxe is an absurdly hard game and in those rare cases you actually finish a race and don't run out of time, you want that time to actually stick.  WIth this, it will.  And second, I mentioned that European copy of Micro Machiens '96: Turbo Tournament a few posts ago.  This game runs in NTSC, but it runs fast.  And in a game as absurdly fast as this game is, that is a big problem.  The game is playable in NTSC... but only barely, you go so fast that the already insane amount of memorization this game requires is amped up significantly to near-impossible levels.  Micro Machines 2, and this MD-exclusive '96 version that is an enahnced sequel/expansion to it, is one of the fastest racing games around, and the MD version was designed for PAL.  When you play this game in both 50hz and 60, you can tell the difference; the controls feel better in 50hz, and the slightly slower scrolling gives you a shred of a chance in this game, once you spend hours memorizing everything and finishing in last three thousand times of course. ... Yeah, I got Micro Machines 2 for the PC back in the '90s, and had very mixed feelings for it, and this game is identical in that respect -- it's got fantastic graphics, great design, and an impressive feature set; it has a save chip in the cart for times and for its built-in track editor; and more.  But it's just SO FAST!  Every track requires crazy memorization to not finish last in, and it gets frustrating.  Micro Machines 1 is also a fast game, and you need to memorize a lot to finish it, but they incrased the speed significantly in the seuqel and I've always thought that it might have been too much.  Still, as a longtime fan of the franchise it is awesome to ahve this game and I'm thrllled to have this modded system that lets me play it right.  Oh, and my 4K TV can display PAL no problem.  My CRT is very unhappy with that signal and I won't be running anything in PAL on that screen!

Everything else I got are digital purchases.

So, since Sony is limiting access to the PS3 store and may be shutting down the web store entirely (it is currently hidden but actually still accessible with the right URL, but I don't know how lng that will last), I got a whole bunch of digital PS3/Vita games... or rather, mostly PS1 classics releases of previously Japan-only import titles, since that is most of what I bought.

PS3/PSP/Vita DD - PSone Classics - all games $6 each
Cho Aniki (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
GaiaSeed (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
Lucifer Ring (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
Mahjong Uranai Fortuna-Tsuki no Megami Tachi (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
Oz no Mahoutsukai ~ANother World~ RUngRung (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
Rapid Angel (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
Wolf Fang (Japanese language but sold in the US store)

PS3 DD only - PSone Classics - all games $6 each
Makeruna Makendo 2 (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
Zanac x Zanac (Japanese language but sold in the US store)
Lup Salad (Japanese language but sold in the US store)

Many of these games are totally unavailable on ebay thiese days or cost WAY more than this and many are pretty interesting, so this purchase was well worth it I think in most cases.

Additionally, I got some PS3/PSP/Vita games.

Novastrike - $5
Nucleus - $10
PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap - $7
Hamsterball - $10
Anarchy: Rush Hour - $5
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars- $3

PSP DD (Vita compatible)
Sweet Fuse: at Your Side - $10

PS3/Vita DD (cross-buy)
MotorStorm RC "Complete Edition" - $10.  This is a pretty good RC car racing game with an overhead perspective.  With good, acccurate controls and good tracks and graphics it's one of the better RC car games I have played, I'd say.  Progress seems to eseamlessly carry over between the two versions too, which is neat.  There is only one negative, and that's that buying this game adds about SEVENTY FIVE things to your download list!  The game has 30-something pieces of car DLC plus a couple of expansion DLCs, and the game as you buy it now includes it all... but it won't auto-download it all since this is Sony.  Oh no.  You need to manually download all of this stuff, one file at a time.  What a pain!  Sony's OS is so bad... and worse once the old web store totally goes away and people have to scroll down their downlioad list 75 times to slooowly download all of the files, since after adding each file to your queue it dumps you back to the top of the list!  The actual game IS good and well worth playing, though.

I also got a couple other digital games on other platforms.

Endless Legend - Emperor Edition PC / Mac - DD 10/18/20 Steam Sale $7.50
RAD Xbox One, XONE - DD 10/18/20 On Sale $6.00
SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics PC / Mac / Linux - DD 10/18/20 Steam Sale $7.20
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III PC / Mac / Linux - DD 10/18/20 Steam Sale $4.00

While I was at it I also added all four of Sega's available-for-one-day-only cancelled game prototypes they listed on Steam on the 18th. I haven't played any of them yet but I will.
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So what have I gotten in the last almost two weeks?  Well, for most of that, nothing.  I was waiting for the XWSX before I bought more stuff.

I did go out two days ago and get a few games at one local place, though.  I was lucky, three of these games cost more than this on ebay even loose as they were!  And one's a great game too.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D    Nintendo 3DS, 3DS         Cart Only    $7.00
Sonic Generations    Nintendo 3DS, 3DS        Cart Only    $7.00
Cubic Ninja    Nintendo 3DS, 3DS         Cart Only    $7.00
Puzzler World    Nintendo DS, NDS   Cart Only    $4.00
Apex    Xbox                            11/09/20        Complete    $5.00

Also, yesterday I got that XSX in the mail, as I detailed in another thread.  Read there for that.
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So, I got two (digital) XSX games this week, and a few others that are enhanced.  Also I got a bunch of digital Nintendo stuff because I like to do that sometimes.

Xbox One / Xbox Series X (come with both,) - DD
The Falconeer - $30 - Visually this game looks amazing (it's all flat shaded polygons!), and I love the soundtrack too.  As for the gameplay, it's a flight combat game and seems fun.
Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate - $50 (on sale) - I have heard this is one of the best looking XSX games and the series is good, even if the controls are a bit more simmish than I'd really like, so I got it. Note that Forza Horizon 4 also comes with the PC Windows Store version of the game, as well as both Xbox versions.

(Again, the other XSX-enhanced game I have is Sea of Thieves.  Fortnite and Apex Legends are also enhanced, though I won't be playing those much.)

Xbox One - DD - Two X1X-enhanced games I have some interest in, even if I've never been a big series fan. (Yes, I have Rise on PC. I got this too.)
Rise of the Tomb Raider - $7.50 (on sale)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider - $15 (on sale)

This Nintendo stuff below I got monday but didn't fully list out until now.

Nintendo 3DS - DD
Puzzle Labyrinth - $2.50 (on sale)  This game is interesting and worth a look.

Nintendo Switch - DD
Adventures of Elena Temple, The: Definitive Edition    On Sale        $2.00
Breakpoint    On Sale      $3.50
Croc's World      On Sale        $2.00
Ghost Blade HD     On Sale        $6.00
Ghoulboy       On Sale        $1.00
Goblin Sword     On Sale        $2.00
Hole New World, A    On Sale        $1.00
Pankapu       On Sale        $3.00
Ultimate Racing 2D      On Sale        $3.00
Wulverblade       On Sale        $2.00
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... So what have I been doing?  Buying way too many videogame things, of course.

Basically, my theme for my purchases has been "some stuff I actually want, some I don't know that I do and knowingly overpay for".  Because yeah, there were a lot of sales during Thanksgivingtime, and I... kind of got some stuff on sale but mostly not for anywhere near the best prices.  And I kind of bought a LOT.

So, let's start with the most expensive thing.  The week before Thanks giving, homebrew publisher Songbird had a little sale; $5 to $10 off some of their pretty expensive Lynx and Jaguar games.  Songbird's Jag library, and the Telegames Jag releases that they are the main US distributor for now, are things that have interested me a lot for quite some time, and I used this excuse to finally buy a bunch of stuff from them.

I made the order on the 18th and it was shipped immediately (nice!) and it arrived on the 21st.  The shipping was $8 total, which I added into the prices below.

Atari Jaguar (cart games say Jaguar, CD games Jaguar CD)
Protector SE    Atari Jaguar, JAG       comes with two Jag CD bonus discs - Jag-Ads and Duranik prototype demo    New    $92.00
Protector: Resurgence    Atari Jaguar CD, JCD      On Sale - $10 off; comes with overlays for four of Songbird's Jag games    New    $31.00 [This is an expansion disc for the cart-based main Protector game, with added levels and music and such.]
Skyhammer    Atari Jaguar, JAG      On Sale - $10 off    New    $81.00
Robinson's Requiem    Atari Jaguar CD, JCD    On Sale - $10 off    New    $51.00
World Tour Racing    Atari Jaguar CD, JCD       New    $71.00
Phase Zero Demo [Beta]    Atari Jaguar, JAG    On Sale - $5 off    New    $56.00
Hyper Force    Atari Jaguar, JAG   On Sale - $10 off    New    $71.00

Of these, Protector: Resurgence and its expansion disc are (Defender-inspired) homebrew titles released within the past decade, while the other games are titles from the Jaguar's original run that werem in most cases, functionally complete when cancelled because of the failure of the system.   The one unfinished game is Phase Zero, which is sold as a "demo" since only several levels of the game were actually finished, but the rest are done.  Skyhammer and World Tour Racing have been two of my most-wanted Jag games from long before I bought the cosnole, so I'm excited to have them.  And they are just as interesting as I thought; both are definitely good examples of what the hardware can, and can't, do well in terms of 3d graphics.  Skyhammer is one of the most visually impressive Jaguar games for sure.  The draw distance is short, but the fully textured 3d environment looks good for the time anyway.  As for World Tour Racing, its framerate is poor, the gameplay and handling model simple, and the total absence of any saving other than passwords for championship progress is really lame, but the core of a decent arcade-style racing game is here, so it's worth playing anyway.

Next, I did something pretty foolish by almost any standard.  I was in a store on Sunday the 22rd (I haven't done much of THAT this year, going into stores looking at games...), and after thinking about it for a while, bought something expensive that I could have gotten for a lot less on ebay.  Now, on ebay I'd have far less of a gaurantee that it's actually work, wouldn't have a good return policy like this did, probably wouldn't have the box with it, etc. , and these things were a definite factor in why I bought it.  And those ARE decent reasons, though I probably shouldn't have considering.  Oh well, I did and can't say I regret it from a functional perspective, it works great and I don't need to worry about it breaking in shipping or something.

Yes, I bought... a PlayStation 4 Pro, used and complete in box for $280.  It came with a black controller, and I bought a used gold PS4 controller for $40 a few days later which is the one I'm using.  Actually, I started planning to buy a PS4 at the beginning of the year, and when I bought this thing I already had nine PS4 games I'd bought earlier on this year.  I didn't list them because i didn't have the system yet.

The PS4 games I already had were (all purchased between like January and July of 2020)

Disc games
InFamous: Second Son - disc only, $2
Knack - $5, complete - I honestly want to play it, jokes aside.
Knack 2  - free in a B2G1, would have been $15, disc in generic case
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - $15, disc in generic case
Wipeout: Omega Collection - free in a B2G1, would have been $15, complete - This may be a compilation but it's certainly the system's top must have game for me.

Downloads (DD)
Touhou Gensou Rondo: Bullet Ballet - $5, on sale (this is basically a take on Senko no Ronde.)
Arc of Alchemist - $10
Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood - on sale, $8
Brain in Retro Space with VS Mode - $6

And when I bought the system I also got a $2 disc only copy of MLB The Show 17.

Then next, I made a web order from Gamestop.  This was defiitely NOT their best sale of the Thanksgiving/Black Friday period, so pricewise I overpaid by quite a bit as the sale was 'buy 3 get 1 free' and not the 'buy 2 get 2 free' and '50% off if you buy 5+ games' things they'd do later (and indeed are still running), but on the other hand the results were amazing -- all but one of the eight games I ordered used came complete with their original cases!  That's incredibly rare from an online Gamestop order, so I don't regret buying this when I did at all, it turned out well with all those real cases.

Xbox One/ Xbox Series X
Gears 5 - New, $10 - I do not like this series gameplay-wise, but got this anyway because of everything I've heard about how this has some of the XSX's best graphics.  Well, on the positive side it DOES look incredible, but on the negative side it still plays like Gears.  Oh well.
The Surge 2 - free in a B3G1, would be $8, complete

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition - $9, complete.  There is a PC port of this game but it sounds pretty shoddy technically.
Bloodborne - $9, complete
MediEvil (2019) - $9, complete
Gran Turismo Sport - free in a B3G1, would be $9, complete
Sakura Wars (2020) - $30, new
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - $30, new - I have heard a lot of good things about this game, it's a PS4 exclusive that made me want the console.
Nioh 2 - $9, complete.  This game will be coming to other platforms next year, but this is cheaper now than that will be.

Wii U
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! - disc in generic case, free in B3G1 (would have been $5)

Then on the 27th, I bought some digital stuff from Nintendo's stores.

Picross e - $3
Picross e2 - $3
Picross e3 - $3
Picross e4 - $3
Picross e5 - $3
Sanrio characters Picross - $4

All of these were 50% off, and I bought them to almost complete my 3DS Picross collection -- the only one I don't have now is the Pokemon one, which was not on sale.  This is a purchase I very much will be using, and am -- I'm working on Picross e(1) now, I'll never get tired of Picross but post-3DS probably will play it a lot less since the Switch games control so much worse -- a reactive stylus is perfect for these games, way better than stupid awful finger touch is!  Idon't own any of the Switch ones and don't want them so long as a better alternative exists.

Also that day, an order arrived from Best Buy; I also did a digital order there for a few games.  Well, two of the games arrived that day and the other two two days later, but close enough.  All four are new.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - $29
Persona 5 Royal - $20

Trials of Mana - $20

Xbox One/XSX
Borderlands 3 - $10 - Gotten in part because it is XSX enhanced and I have found these games amusing in the past.

Then on the 30th, I bought a bunch more digital Switch games.

Switch DD
Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Two Crude [Dudes] - $4
Next Penelope, The - free promotion
ACA NeoGeo: Ghost Pilots - $4
Coffee Crisis - free promotion
Doom 64 - $2
Doom II Classic Complete - $2
Doom Classic Complete - Ultimate Doom, The - $2
ACA NeoGeo: Aero Fighters 3 - $4
Caligula Effect, The: Overload - $20
Panzer Dragoon (Remake) - $13

I was also thinking about getting some stuff on Steam, but ended up not doing so.  I'll buy there next sale.
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So in this episode of "what dumb stuff did ABF buy now" we have... a variety of stuff, some of which is interesting and some of which is very much not but I got anyway for completion's sake and such.

First though, some digital games I bought back in mid November but forgot to list in my last post for some reason.  I got a few Nintendo DD games and a bunch for the Xbox (One / Series).

Wii U DD - eshop.  I got these on November 19th.
Shadow Archery -  $1 - This 2018 release is basically a remake of the game below, but from a behind-the-character viewpoint now and with Gamepad-based touch shooting controls.  So yeah, instead of playing NES-style like their other games, you use the stylus to kill the monsters.  It's simple but fun enough for the price.  And it makes use of the Wii U gamepad reasonably well too.
Shadow Archer - $3 - I find Ultra Dolphin Revolution's Wii U games fun.  They all are Wii U exclusives with NES-style graphics and decently fun simple gameplay.  This one is an overhead shooter in a single area, you're an elf and kill monsters.  It's from 2016.  It's not their best game but is alright.
Jones on Fire - $2, on sale
Cubemen 2 - $2, on sale

Nintendo 3DS eshop - DD - got Nov. 29, the  day before all those digital Switch games I listed in my previous post.  Yeah, I left a bunch of stuff out there.
The Queen TV-Game 2 - $0.02.  Yes, this game costs two cents, and it's not on sale, that's regular price.  Oh, and it's a new release. I was intrigued and it turns out that it is a pretty simple 'avoid the objects' game with some weird story and presentation stuff going on.  The controls aren't the best and the game is insanely hard, but for the price I am certainly not complaining.

Xbox One - DD. I got these on November 24th.
Hotshot Racing - $13.39, on sale.  This racing game is from Sumo Digital, who have done a lot of work on racing games for Sega but went off on their own for this one.  It is a very Sega-inspired game, but is original.  The game is VERY Virtua Racing-inspired visually, but original.  The game looks great on the XSX -- this game is Xbox One X enhanced and runs at 4k60 very nicely.  A 120fps patch would be awesome for the XSX, but as is it looks good.  As for the gameplay, well this game does not match up to the Sega classics it emulates, but it is a fun, simple arcade-style racer, something normal back in the '90s but rare today.  Definitely get it if you like that kind of game but want one with nice new graphics.

Rare Replay - $7.50, on sale.  I have this on disc but wanted a digital copy because having to put the disc in just to boot the digital-copy of games like the X1 ports of the X360 versions of the Banjo and Perfect Dark was really annoying.

Battletoads (2020) - $10.  I've heard mixed things about this game, but decided to get it anyway.

Additionally, the DOA6 season passes were on sale at a whole 15% off, so I... spent a whole bunch of money buying two of them.  Uh, at least it's money spent on a game I do actually play... and I do, DOA6 is probably my second most played game this year after Mario Maker 2.

Xbox One / Xbox Series X (XSX enhanced) - Also from Nov. 24th.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection - $26  I thought about buying this physical, but I believe that only the digital copy comes with Halo Reach and Halo ODST... and I am not a Halo fan of course, but that they added 120fps multiplayer modes to the games is pretty interesting, I want to see that -- this TV has 120fps support.

Now for stuff from this month, I made a second order from Gamestop during their '50% off if you buy at least 5 games' sale, and this is what I got.  Uh, some of these... yeah.  Not exactly games I'm going to play anytime soon.  Others I will.

As you will see I got crazy lucky yet again with these, they're almost all complete with the original cases!  I definitely wasn't expecting that, nice.

Xbox One
ReCore - $2.50, complete.  This is a good game and I wanted to have the disc.
Halo 5: Guardians - $7.50, complete
Dishonored 2 - $7.50, disc in generic case.  The only not original case.  Oh well...
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider -$7.50, complete
Mass Effect: Andromeda - $2.50, complete (and sealed!)  (The rest of this order arrived days ago, but this game only arrived today so I waited until it was all here before posting it here.)

Playstation 4
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - $7.50, complete

Wii U
Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed - $7.50, complete - Yes, I have this on multiple other platforms (PC, X360, 3DS), but I got this one also anyway because I wanted to have the Nintendo console version. It's nice to see it with the real case.  This is a very good kart racer, one of the better ones around.

And lastly, I was in a store today looking for games and some gifts, and ended up spending more on myself, though I did get a few gifts as well.   I got these games.

Pipe Dream - NES - $5, cart only
Pac-in-Time - $13 - SNES - cart only
Ratchet & Clank (2016) - $14 - PS4 - complete
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin - Divine Edition - $57, new.  This was a nice find because this game is a hit and has quickly become hard to find online, it's sold out almost everywhere.  I know eventually they will print more copies and the value will likely drop, but right now this sells for well over this price.  The game looks good and I'm quite interested in playing it, too.  (There is also a much easier to find PS4 version, but I'd rather have it for Switch.  They did have both.)
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So I didn't buy many games in the week after my last post in this thread, but I did in the week after that, I just never quite got around to updating this thread about it.  I'm finally making up for that here.

First is a game I bought a few months ago.  It's a new release, a homebrew Game Boy/GB Color game that isn't actually new but is new on this physical-box form.  This game is a homebrew Game Boy take on Rare's classic Jetpak, and it's pretty good.  This wasn't cheap but is a good game with a nice box and was well worth getting; I like Jetpak a lot.

Super Jetpak DX [PD Homebrew]    Game Boy/GB Color Dual Mode                            12/23/20    online order from the developer's site    Complete    $60.00

Next, these three were a bundle on ebay.  They're all pretty cool games to have that I was definitely considering getting on their own.

Cannon Fodder    Atari Jaguar, JAG                            12/28/20        Complete    $107.99 for a 3-game lot
Flip Out    Atari Jaguar, JAG                            12/28/20        Complete    $107.99 for a 3-game lot
Impulse X & Double Feature [PD Homebrew]    Atari Jaguar, JAG                            12/28/20        Complete    $107.99 for a 3-game lot

Then I bought a bunch of digital Switch games that were on sale around the holidays.

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            $9.00
Dustoff Heli Rescue 2    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            $2.00
Farabel    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            $0.20
Food Truck Tycoon - Asian Cuisine    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            Free (limited time offer)
Girabox    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            $1.00
Klondike Solitaire    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            Free (limited time offer)
OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            $0.50
Skull Rogue    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            $0.20
Windjammers    Nintendo Switch, NS - DD (eShop)                            12/30/20            $6.00

I got one digital 3DS game here as well.

Snow Moto Racing 3D    Nintendo 3DS, 3DS - DD (eShop)                            12/31/20    On Sale        $2.00

Then I got more digital PC games from the Steam sale.

Assault Suit Leynos    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $3.99
Cliff Hanger    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $0.99
Little Witch Nobeta    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $8.99
M„rchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $2.29
MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $3.74
Mugen Souls    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $3.99
Steep - X-Games Pass    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $2.99
Thumper    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $3.99
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus [in Wolfenstein Alt History Collection]    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $17.97 for three games
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood [in Wolfenstein Alt History Collection]    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $17.97 for three games
Wolfenstein: Youngblood [in Wolfenstein Alt History Collection]    PC - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $17.97 for three games
Cold Vengeance    PC / Mac - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $1.99
Ninja Outbreak    PC / Mac - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $1.99
Rising Dusk    PC / Mac - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $5.24
Besiege    PC / Mac / Linux - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $5.99
Cosmic Express    PC / Mac / Linux - DD                            12/31/20    Steam Sale        $1.49

Then I got a couple more games from ebay, for the... Master System, yes.  I am really happy to have R-Type for the SMS; sure, I have better versions of the game, but this is a great version of this all-time classic and it's a lot of fun to play through.  And yes I have been playing it.  It's running right now in fact.

Lord of the Sword    Master System, SMS                            01/02/21        Complete
R-Type    Master System, SMS                            01/02/21        Complete

I got a couple of on sale Wii U digital titles as well.

Bridge Constructor Playground    Wii U - DD (eShop)                            01/03/21    On Sale        $5.00
Lovely Planet    Wii U - DD (eShop)                            01/03/21    On Sale        $2.50

I was thinking about whether to get more on sale digital Steam PC games, just before the holiday sale ended... and did.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition    PC - DD                            01/05/21    Steam Sale
Death Crown Complete Edition    PC - DD                            01/05/21    Steam Sale
Fall Guys    PC - DD                            01/05/21    Steam Sale
Pacer    PC - DD                            01/05/21    Steam Sale
Heroes of Hammerwatch    PC / Linux - DD                            01/05/21    Steam Sale
Hexologic    PC / Linux - DD                            01/05/21    Steam Sale
Hatoful Boyfriend    PC / Mac / Linux - DD                            01/05/21    Steam Sale
BallisticNG  (DLC)    PC / Mac / Linux - DD (DLC)                            01/05/21    Steam Sale

And lastly, I got some stuff that is kind of dumb but I bought anyway.

Myst    Atari Jaguar CD, JCD                            01/07/21        Sealed    $40.00
Earth Defense [Unlicensed]    Genesis, Gen                            01/07/21        Sealed    $20.00
New unfolded box for Iron Soldier - $15
New unfolded box for Cybermorph - $20

... Yes, I bought boxes for my cart-only Jaguar games.  I don't collect 'with the box' for any other system, why am I doing that for the Jag... but they look nice (I did fold them and added them to my Jag box pile) so I don't regret it...
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