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Full Version: Xbox One X
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Is the release name of Project Scorpio, MS's new console. The hardware is really powerful, the system is impressively small (the smallest Xbox ever, apparently!), and... that name sure is awful, isn't it? Xbox One X, seriously? Why... Lol
$499. Expensive.
Beyond the high price though, MS's conference was pretty good as far as it went. They showed a lot of games (42, they kept saying), and that's good. However, almost all of them are multiplatform third-party titles which might have timed exclusivity windows, and very few are exclusives.

Seriously, as far as a MS platofrm-exclusive library goes that they showed, that is, Xbox/PC only games, here's all I can think of that they showed: Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport 7, Sea of Thieves, Ori 2, State of Decay 2... and uh, that's about it? Unless Cuphead is exclusive, not sure about that. There may be some other indie things, but MS had NO major new game announcements here, unless you count Ori 2 and Forza 7, but while Ori 2 looks amazing I can't say that a sequel is a big surprise with how successful the first one was, and Forza 7 has been heavily hinted at so it'd have been more surprising if the didn't show it. I know MS doesn't have many first-party studios left now, but we're really seeing how much that is hurting; you need games on your system to make people want to buy it!

Making that worse, almost everything they showed was Western-developed, so MS has done nothing here to change the X1/PS4 narrative that Japanese games almost never appear on X1, but PC and PS4 only. Maybe there's nothing they can do about that now, but it is unfortunate and makes me less interested in the system. It's sad how MS collapsed completely in Japan after the '00s; they never were successful there, but it was nice how the 360 got a lot of major Japanese titles. I don't have a PS4 or X1 of course, and naturally if I was to get one I'd far rather get the MS system than the Sony one (and the far more powerful hardware MS has announced here looks great too!), but it has nothing I can't get on PC...

Of course though really when I get another system (this holiday, next year, or whatever) it's sure to be a Switch and not either of those systems and the Switch has even less third-party support since at least MS has all of the Western studios onboard, but still.
XBox One X...

Yep, pretty dumb name.

Although, I'm starting to think that modern marketing is all about erasing the past on purpose. I keep hearing this logic across the board, like how the new Doom got the rename to "reinvent the brand". The thinking, if I understand it right, is to INTENTIONALLY make everyone confuse the name so that everyone thinks of the new property when you mention the old, and to intentionally get online searches to find the new project instead of the old. Now, the Doom community (original doom) is alive and well. There's basically no chance of that happening. However, it's kinda hard to find anything online about the first XBox.

So, we had the 360. Simple enough, there's the XBox 1 and there's the 360. Now there's the "XBox One", so you have to change your terms. You call it "The XBox" and people will be confused, so you have to say "original XBox", and they're more likely to understand (a few will think you're talking about the 360 though).

Now we've got the new XBox One systems. So, if you say "Original XBox", do you mean the first version of the XBox One, or the original original?

I really do think this is the reasoning. They want to erase the very meaning of the word, because if you control language, you control thought.
Perhaps so; it is a weird name, and as I've seen some people online saying, you can abbreviate this system name to "XBOX", which can't be a coincidence. Making people think of your new product when they think of the things' name does seem to be an idea which could work.

However, MS did also announce that the XO/XO X will soon have some original Xbox backwards compatibility added in, though they didn't give any details about how it will work. They only announced one game so far, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, but that's a great one to start with since it's a really good game. I wonder if you'll be able to use a real disc to enable it, or if you'll have to download games and rebuy stuff... we'll see at some point I'm sure. Between this and things like their HD re-releases of Voodoo Vince and Phantom Dust, it's great to see MS care about the original Xbox again beyond just Halo. So they aren't trying to erase the existence of the original Xbox system.
Oh, and as for the Bioware game? It was shown at the end of the conference, and it's a Destiny-style multiplayer-focused sci-fi third person shooter. There were a lot of shooters in the MS conference, as always, so it doesn't really stand out. And when you consider how Bioware's last couple of open-world action-RPG games have had mixed receptions (Mass Effect Andromeda, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dragon Age II if you count it...), will this be better? The visuals are good, but I have no idea based on this if it will be fun to play.
The second Dragon Age may have had mixed reception, but Inquisition got stellar reviews from just about everyone I know. Andromeda also wasn't mixed, in that it was seen as generally a very badly written and badly animated game that took a few steps backwards in gameplay.

I'm not a fan of the loot pinata style game, so if that's the direction they're going with a Destiny style game, count me out. I just... I just don't like sifting through giant piles of loot or constantly grinding until I get that "purple" version of the item I'm looking for. Give me set items that appear in very specific treasure chests instead.
So, the XOX is "the most powerful console ever". Also, it isn't 1995, so what impact does a statement like that even have? Sure, it's the most powerful console ever.... until the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Also, my PC is still more powerful than Scorpinox over there.

I dunno, console generations have come and gone so many times at this point that, well, it just doesn't matter any more. Yes, the next one will be more powerful than the last, and that's expected, and eventually we might actually start seeing the difference. It's just such a weird thing to focus on, followed by outright admitting they're probably not going to sell very many of them. I guess I gotta ask what the point was.